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Editorial: Holidays And Theft; Don't Be Surprised

Managing Editor

The current economy challenges many people with rising cost of living. Shopping more wisely at the grocery store. Find the cheapest gas prices; buy more fuel-efficient vehicles, etc.
The one side affect most people miss entirely is security. Desperate people in a good economy become even more dangerous and bold in a poor economy.
Many times over the years I have written reports about people stealing from vehicles and homes. The police always make the same comment - in frustration - that all people need to do is lock their car doors, install even a basic home alarm system, and not leave valuables out in plain sight. That’s of course aside from those blatant arrogant criminals that will do anything to steal including breaking, entering, even with people in the home (called home invasion) and generally violating the law with no worries. (The most dangerous).
The typical crime in Carolina Beach and New Hanover County over the years is to simply walk a neighborhood street lifting car door handles.
Surprisingly enough, there are a lot of cars left unlocked and packed with all kinds of valuable items just waiting to be stolen.
A simple solution? Lock vehicle doors and don’t leave valuables out in plain sight, or, don’t leave valuables in the vehicle to begin with. Thieves look for firearms and prescription drugs as well as common items like wallets. Invest in a vehicle alarm system. Park in your garage or install readily available floodlights that shine directly on your driveway.
Stay safe and Happy Holidays!