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Editorial: Vandalism of Holiday Displays and Grease Disposal

Managing Editor

Lights damaged at Lake:
There's a real Grinch in Carolina Beach this Christmas Season vandalizing decorations at the Lake.
During the week of December 15th vandalism occurred to Island of Lights displays at Carolina Beach Lake.  On Monday morning the Dolphin Display was found on the ground.  On Wednesday morning the Angel Display was missing.
If anyone has seen any suspicious activity surrounding these two events, please report it to the Carolina Beach Police Department.
When walking near or around the Lake, be aware of suspicious activity and report it to 911.
Please help the Island of Lights Committee in keeping the displays safe and continuing to provide seasonal enjoyment.

Don't Pour That Grease Down The Drain!
This holiday season the Town of Carolina Beach would like to remind everyone to properly dispose of grease. When preparing that Christmas dinner make sure to set any grease and fatty scraps in a container. Let it cool and then put it in the trashcan.
Pouring grease down the drain might not clog the pipes in your home, but when it gets to the street it cools, congeals into a mass and can build up in the sewer line leading to major problems. For example, sewage backing up into area homes; including yours.
It also cost additional tax dollars for Town workers to unclog sewer lift stations and remove large masses of grease from the sewer treatment plant.  So save everyone some money and potential problems. Toss it; don't pour it down the drain.