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Editorial: Carolina Beach Streetscape Workshop March 18th

Managing Editor

The Town of Carolina Beach will hold a workshop on March 18, 2014 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm at Town Hall in the Town Council meeting room. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the streetscape design options along Clarendon Ave.
The public should attend including those who don't live on Clarendon Avenue because this project will likely set a precedent for similar projects in the future; perhaps on your street.
The current plan for Clarendon Avenue calls for a 10' asphalt multi-use path with an 8' foot wide grass strip separating the path from the road. The path will cut through existing concrete driveways. Estimated at a cost of $217,286. Other options include: Option 1A and 1B at an estimated cost of $201,675 would provide an 8’ wide trail with a 3' to 5’ grass strip. This option reduces the width of the trail and grass strip. The smaller trail would allow for bicycle and pedestrian traffic with a minimal separation between the two and vehicular traffic.  The smaller trail would reduce capacity (passing a pedestrian or two on a bicycle would be more difficult).
Option 2:  (Bike lanes with 5’ sidewalk). This option, at an estimated cost of $349,496, separates the pedestrian and bicycle path with on-street bike lane and a separate sidewalk.  The total impact to the existing street yard(s) of the house lots is similar or slightly more than the current design.  
Another option not mentioned, but should be considered, is to simply widen the roadway to allow for designated bike and walking areas on either side. Simply widen the road and paint lines marking a "lane" for people rather than cars.
This is the least invasive plan for property owners. Least expensive for taxpayers. Less short and long-term maintenance costs. And will not  increase the current rate of vehicle and pedestrian collisions on Clarendon Avenue. Currently that rate is ZERO. People can continue to walk and ride along a wider quiet residential street within the lines.