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Editorial: Delayed Utility Project At Cape Fear Blvd.

Managing Editor

The project to replace aging water and sewer lines under the intersection of Lake Park Blvd and Cape Fear Blvd in Carolina Beach has hit numerous obstacles. The contractor, State Utilities Contractors, Inc., encountered old water lines and other issues that were not indicated on the plans and maps engineered for the project.
Some of the lines creating problems for the project were installed in the 1940's to provide water service to businesses in that area. It's a tall order. Maintain water and sewer service to area businesses so they can continue to remain open while rushing to complete the complicated project to minimize disruption of traffic flow in the area.
They've actually drilled under the road to install two utility lines to minimize the area they had to cut and dig up on Lake Park Blvd.
Evidently this project was needed long ago. The manhole on Cape Fear Blvd on the east side of Lake Park Blvd had a six-foot void that developed under the road surface over the years. That's a scary thought.
And it's common knowledge that projects of this nature that deal with areas of this type and age will surely run into unforeseen obstacles demanding additional time and work.
The tourism season is about to kick off with Easter Weekend quickly approaching. Town officials and elected leaders are aware that time is of the essence. The lesson to be learned from this is with so many undocumented utilities under our roadways, other planned utility projects may take longer than originally planned.
You can't anticipate what you can't see, but hopefully the contractor factored that into the bid and can add additional crews to make up for lost time and get the road reopened.