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Editorial: Council Made Wise Decision On RV Park Amendment

Managing Editor

The Carolina Beach Town Council made a wise decision when they unanimously voted to deny a request to permit RV Parks in the Highway Business District.
That is the major thoroughfare through Town and the community expects leaders to protect zoning ordinances that require the best use of commercial property rather than the least investment while collecting rent on RV spaces.
During the meeting one person spoke about people's right to develop and use their properties. People have a right to develop their property based on zoning regulations adopted by elected representatives. Those leaders make value judgments based on the desires of the community and their own preference.
Not everyone agrees that bars and taverns should be permitted in certain areas of Town. Should every property owner have a right to open one on any given commercial lot in Town? No. Zoning regulations can dictate types of development, height, size, landscape buffers, and much more.
The community spoke, the Council listened, and then based on their value judgment, they voted not to permit RV Parks along the major gateway of our Town.
RV's are not cheap. They are for many people a luxury vacation get-away or roaming home in their retirement years. Many cost well over $100,000 (or much more depending on size and features).
The issue isn't whether or not RV's are good or bad. I think we can all agree that a nice new shiny RV is anything other than a good thing.
The issue is location and the best use of commercial property along our primary commercial corridor in Carolina Beach.
Would it be more desirable to see an RV Park or a new grocery store or shopping center with restaurants and shops?
The latter of the two equals higher property values and generates more property tax revenue, jobs and sales tax revenues than an RV Park. Had we allowed RV Parks to become the default plan-B for property owners that don't think they can successfully build a commercial development, then how would that have affected adjacent property values for owners that would have to advertise "Excellent views of the RV Park" from their newly constructed office building or hotel? Thankfully the Council voted to keep the horse in the barn and spare us the entire scenario. And to those owners who may have been considering opening a new RV Park, there's a long list of permitted and conditional uses at Town Hall that offer valuable development options.