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Editorial: Holiday Weekend Observations

Managing Editor

First, let's all take a moment - if you haven't already - and remember that our recent Memorial Day weekend holiday is set aside not just for hotdogs, camp fires, a day at the beach or the pool with family, but to honor the memory and service of soldiers who fought  to keep our country free so we can continue enjoying the American Dream. 
The men and women of our armed forces make sacrifices during wartime that many of us can only attempt to imagine. Yet even in peacetime our soldiers stand ready with family and friends supporting their service.
On a lighter note, and not to deduct from the previous topic, the first busy weekend of the summer season is always a shock to us full time residents.
Tourists play a vital role in our economy and through their spending they help offset the cost of government for full time residents.
Sure, a lot of them go on vacation and seem to forget how to drive (where's that turn signal) but at the end of the day they are our cherished sales tax and room tax champs.
The Town of Carolina Beach has stepped up their game with additional police presence at Freeman Park. Evidently that helped suppress the bad element and promoted a safer atmosphere over the weekend.
Special thanks to those Town workers that worked hard all weekend trying to keep up with the public trashcans along the beachfront and at Freeman Park.
Our lifeguards in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach kept everyone safe and got a workout on their first holiday weekend of the season.
Let's look forward to a wonderful summer.