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Editorial: Storm? We're Still Going To Enjoy The Holiday Weekend

Managing Editor

Tropical Storm Arthur is out in the Atlantic and may or may not graze, hit, or make us all yawn or breath a sigh of relief later this week.
However, it should serve as a reminder that we have and will be the recipients of hurricanes in the future. Just because there's a storm out there and some people are tense, don't forget that one of our major holiday weekends of the summer starts this Thursday.
Unless we get a direct hit, it's business as usual. If we only experience tropical storm force winds, there will be some minor damage and beach erosion, but we'll still be open for business and having a blast this weekend. There have been times in the past when tropical storms have blown our way and all the rest of the country saw on TV were pictures of a handful of damaged homes leaving them with the impression that we were totally devastated. Don't always believe the 10 second spot on the national news.
The Thursday night fireworks display may be canceled because of high winds, but that's not the end of the world or the weekend. It's a play-it-by-ear situation. We either get hit, grazed, or not. For those who moved here since 2000, these storms can be a pain. Even mild tropical storms can take out power and phone lines. Property damage is dependent upon the severity of the storm; tropical, category one, two, three, four, etc. However, if you take some simple steps prior to each storm season you can make life a lot easier on yourself. But always remember to stay positive no matter the situation, it sounds like a trendy thing to say, but even in the worst of storms, being prepared and not dwelling on the negative will make things a lot easier.
Put together a hurricane kit and store it somewhere easily accessible. Batteries, flash lights, portable radios and digital portable TV's, plenty of bottled water, important documents such as insurance, diplomas, birth certificates, copies of family photos, first aid kits, canned foods, coolers with ice, camping fuel and cooking pots with utensils. Those are just a few of the typical things you need to consider when planning for such storms. For information about hurricane preparedness kits and plans visit