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Applaud Lewis and Shuttleworth Comments On Budget

Dear Editor,
We applaud the comments voiced by Carolina Beach council members Robert Lewis and Steve Shuttleworth that appeared in the April 18, 2012 issue of the Island Gazette, "View of Two Council Members."
Their approach to the 2012-2013 Carolina Beach budget is spot on and addresses the real issues at stake for the future financial health of our town. We cannot keep patching our budget holes by throwing additional monies into the pot thru increased property taxes.
We must pare down, reanalyze real budget needs and work from within to address the real monetary needs, much as we have to do in dealing with our personal finances with limited income and/or resources.
Especially in these difficult times.
The easy way out is to increase taxes. The prudent way out is to reduce the accelerated expenses that come with good times. Good management lives within a given budget that is in line with normal financial resources. By increasing taxes, you are going way beyond normal financial means to balance the budget.
John Blamy,
Carolina Beach, NC and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan