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Sell The Pier Properties Ease Burden On Taxpayers

Mayor, Council, Editor, Others,
Now that the Governor of N.C. and Aquarium officials have stated that a fishing pier is not going to happen in Carolina Beach with state money, you have no reasonable excuse to not put all of this property up for sell and see what offers we can get on this stupid purchase that our past Mayor and Council stuck the taxpayers of Carolina Beach with. Their stupid decision to purchase to giveway this property to the Aquarium for a fishing pier venture.
This crowd hung on to not making a decision to get rid of this albatrose of a property while they were still in office even when they were being told that the state had no money to build a fishing pier at C.B. Now the 5 members of our present Council have not had even one member step forward that I am aware of and call for a vote to sell this property to get this noose from around the necks of C.B. property owners/taxpayers.
One excuse that I heard from one present Council member is it is not the time to sell because he wan'ts to wait until the economy turns around a little. "HELLO": We have no way of knowing when or if the economy will get better to the point that he would want to sell. EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES. WHEN WILL THEY EVER END FROM POLITICANS.
Meanwhile while he continues to stall selling now.
We are paying big bucks in interest to keep this useless property. This property when sold would put it back on the tax rolls thus bringing in revenue that the Town needs and to stop the bleeding of tax dollars from us. Politicians putting any issue to a vote forces each of them to take a stand and alerts our citizens as to who stands for what issues, thus informing us how we may want to vote in our next local election 1 1/2 years from now. Mayor Rothrock, Bob Lewis and Lonnie Lashley have approximately 1 1/2 years before the voters will decide whether to keep them in office or turn them out and elect others to take their place. 3 of 5 is a majority. It would be a safe bet that if anyone on this Council publicly supports keeping this proposed pier property and turning any part of this high priced property into a Park or Parking lot, as I keep hearing is the sentiment of some on Council, they will be gone when the next votes at the polls are tallied should they seek reelection. 
We could not afford this property when it was bought and the Town finances are no better now with talk of a 50% tax increase. Should we end up with that figure you can bet all of your bippys that all on Council voting for this nonsensical tax increase will be gone when it is their time to seek reelection. 
All folks serving on this Council were elected with the responsibility to provide a government that local taxpayers could afford.
Hanging on to this property and possibly making it a parking lot, park or looking for any other unknown use with this property and anywhere near a 50% tax increase and anything less than selling this property does not meet that criteria in my eyes.
I voted for all three that were elected this past election and as of now what I have seen out of decisions they have made, or not made, my votes may have been a bad decision by me. Time will tell if I knew how to pick them.  As for the other two presently sitting on Council I can say I had no part in electing either of them.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC