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Let State Take Care Of Own Expenses...

Mayor, Council, Town Manager
While you folks are scrambling to try to find money to balance your budget and operate the Town+create new revenue sources a few things come to my mind that will help. Stop the practice of adding money to our landscape budget each year to landscape, plant trees, provide trash pickup to the State on rights of ways North of Snows Bridge which eats up a substantial amount of money. Stop providing street sweeping on Snows Cut Bridge. Lake Park Blvd and its right of ways also does not belong to C.B. and we have resorted to sweeping part of it by hand because we have worn out our street sweeper to keep sand from going into a waterway that we do not own.
I am told that the reason we sweep Lake Park Blvd. is because when it rains the runoff goes into our waterway." Hello:" we don't own this waterway either. The last time that I looked C.B. did not own or have any bridges in our Town limits either. These areas that you are spending our local tax dollars on  belongs to the state as each of you are aware of where our Town limits starts and if not if you will read the Town limit sign it states that our Town limits begins South of Snows Bridge.
The State of N.C.has one of the highest road taxes on gasoline in the U.S. that takes in bundles and bundles of money and has a fund to do all of the things I have mentioned so my point is why in h--- are we taxing our local citizens on these things that the state is supposed to do? We now need a new streetsweeper that will cost us taxpayers thousands dollars that has worn out prematurely and I believe that if our leaders had not directed that we continually sweep the States bridge and Lake Park Blvd. we would have had more life left in this piece of equipment. The taxpayers cannot continually afford to do work on things that the State of N.C. is supposed to be doing. Where is our local leadership that is supposed to run this Town in a cost efficient manner?
While I am on the subject of spending our money and creating revenue sources, a few years back the Town established a parking ordinance in our CBD. that called for x number of parking spaces be provided by each business in our CBD.and contained and impact fee on these businesses for the impact their business was having on parking in our CBD. This fee amounted to $100.00 per vehicle per year for all parking spaces these businesses could not provide onsite that are mandated by Town ordinance.
CBD business have such and impact on our parking that they now have all of our parking spaces dedicated to them free of charge. Yes free of charge and there is a deficit in CBD parking spaces because a non-thinking Council a few years back voted to do away with all impact fees concerning our CBD and continually provided spaces free of charge so our businesses could met their parking obligation thus we are meeting their obligation not the businesses that are doing the impact and there by depriving our taxpayers of revenue to be able to lessen the impact that these businesses would have on our citizens. Stupid is as stupid does you bet your bippy.
Now when the Town needs new land to provide additional parking all of us taxpayers have to provide our tax money for it and the businesses get the free ride on our backs because they are the reason we would need more parking in the first place.
This revenue source of $100.00 per each parking space that past Councils gave away to their CBD.cronies needs to be reimplemented immediately for this year’s budget to help prevent more of a tax increase that was created in part by Councils doing away with revenue sources instead of creating them.
We cannot go back to the past but this Council can sure as h---  correct this stupid thing that went on with past Councils and correcting this and landscaping State Property with local tax dollars is at the top of my list.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC