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Carolina Beach Elementary School Teachers Thank Their Fantastic Volunteers And PTO

Carolina Beach School would like to thank our fantastic volunteers and PTO. Our teachers and staff have written words of thanks for their kindness and generosity this school year.
• PTO, thank you so much for all the support you give the staff here at CBES.  You are so thoughtful with all the things you do for us.  I use the fabulous CBES canvas bag everyday (and so do many other teachers) and the luncheon last Friday was amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
• They DO SO much for this school!  The gift card was so helpful to me and well used for supplies!  The Ipads are so awesome for the students!
• Thanks for the shirts, lunch, breakfast, field trips and coordinating Bingo night.
• Thanks for buying Study Island for second grade! Study Island is a computer program for reading and math enrichment and it has really helped our students.
• Thanks to the PTO we had 2 successful book fairs this year. The money raised at the book fairs will purchase over 250 new books Carolina Beach School’s library. We could not have had the book fairs and raised money without our PTO coming to the library and assisting students with merchandise and purchases.
• Thank you so much for the delicious lunch on May 11th. You are all so hard working and special.
• Thanks to the PTO we had a successful author, Children’s Book Award Winner John Perry, visit our school.  The PTO collected money and order forms and we sold over 110 books.
• Thanks PTO for the beautiful polo shirts and t-shirts to wear to school.
• Our fabulous PTO contributed over $6,000.00 to help provide an iPad2 mobile lab for our staff and students!
• Thanks to the PTO we had a wonderful time at the Holland Hustle. Candy Phillips and company did another amazing job organizing this meaningful event for our school.
• Thanks to the PTO we always knew what was going on, because of the newsletters.
• Thanks to the PTO for all the times they feed us.
• The PTO is paying for the 5th grade trip to Raleigh...buses, snacks, etc.  Fifth grade is VERY thankful for that!!!
I really appreciate the many, many ways the PTO raises money for our school. They fund so many of our field trips and buy technology items for our school so the students can really enjoy learning. The special projects they do throughout the school year are enjoyed by all.  They show their appreciation for our teachers and staff by taking care of us in so many ways.  I can't begin to say how thankful I am to each and every member for all their hard work and dedication to CBES!
• Thanks to the PTO for organizing all of the candy and treats we received.
• I appreciate the PTO for the wonderful CBES bags and T shirts we received, the delicious teacher appreciation breakfast and luncheon and the support they provide for all staff and administrators.
• I am so thankful for the beach tote, it is so big and roomy. I had to retire my old one that the art students made years back.  I will always be thankful to the PTO because they are a great bunch of gals :).
• Mrs. Charles would like to thank the PTO for a class set of dictionaries!!
• I would like to thank the PTO for EVERYTHING they do for us.
• The very special care the PTO gave to make sure I received a t shirt that fit.  The first graders really enjoyed the aquarium field trip too!
• My husband and I went out to eat a few weeks ago, and I still had my CBES shirt on. Someone stopped me to comment on the shirt. She said she wished that her school's PTO did things like that for them. I told her we are treated very well by our PTO!
• I am so thankful for all they do.   This team of people is on top of every need of this staff.  We are very blessed to have them here at CBES.  I am thankful for all their support. Love you all.
• Shirts, CBES bags, breakfasts, lunches, field trips - what have they NOT done for us?!
• We are VERY thankful to the PTO for helping to pay for our two field trips, the first grade trips to Poplar Grove Plantation and the NC Aquarium. Poplar Grove Plantation did an outstanding job and it was well worth every penny.  The aquarium is always a great trip and as many times as most of the kids have been, they were really enthusiastic.  But I want to especially thank them for the wonderful walkway from our back door patio to the grassy area on the play ground that they so graciously paid for.  It has been wonderful and there is MUCH less sand and dirt tracked into our room now!!  Thank you!! 
• I am thankful for the beautiful beach bags, the yummy luncheon, and the Holland Hustle!
• I am thankful that the PTO paid for our trip to Poplar Grove Plantation and for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.  I also love the Carolina Beach School bag and polo!
• Thank you to the PTO for all you have done this year to show your appreciation to us. The assistance with fieldtrips, staff lunches and breakfasts, and staff shirts were greatly appreciated. I wear mine proudly knowing I am at such an amazing school. Thank you for helping make it that way!
• Thank you PTO for purchasing the t-shirts for our 1st Place Battle of the Books Team!
• I’d like to thank the PTO for the wonderful job they do for our school. These ladies volunteer their time and work so hard for us. They cook for us, plan for us and raise money for our students and staff. PTO, your efforts are really appreciated! You are a great group of women.
Submitted by: Kim Hord
Secretary, Carolina Beach Elementary School