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Support Voter ID; Make Your Vote Count!

Letter to the Editor
Voter ID has become a major issue of conflict between people both in North Carolina and throughout the Nation.  Allow me to address the issue.  A proposal has been made to require any voter to show photo identification in order to vote. In addition, these same proposals offer free ID for voters that do not drive and do not have the funds necessary to pay for the identification.
Democrats argue this is an attempt to take away voting rights from minorities or the poor.  They argue such an action will place an undo hardship on the individual getting to the Motor vehicle Offices. Democrats and many other organizations argue this is an attempt to disenfranchise minorities and deny them their voting rights.  I would argue that failure to stop non citizens from voting is what disenfranchises voting rights.  Why should a non citizen vote or should someone be able to vote multiple times? This is in effect, canceling out a citizen’s vote. This in fact, disenfranchises you the voter, not the voter ID requirement.
In regard to cost, it is free. The State will provide it at no cost. In the same manner, both Democrats and Republicans offer free rides to vote, it could be offered to the few people in an area that need transportation to get their ID.
Let’s think about this a moment. To drive, you need a photo ID. Also, Hospitals, Police, Banks, buying cigarettes and liquor, requires you to prove your age by a photo ID.
Flying on a plane, entering a Federal Building, registering a car, writing a check in a store, also require photo ID. The Democrats in the NC Senate have suggested a Photo ID be necessary to pick up Asthma medications.
Yet it is a hardship to prove who you are when you do one of our most sacred trusts, voting!!!
As further proof the intention of Voter ID is not to take away voting rights, let’s discuss what would happen if you went to vote without a photo ID.
You would be allowed to vote with a provisional ballot while the local Board of Elections works to validate your right to vote. As soon as that is accomplished, the vote is counted in the election.  
The truth is ALL PEOPLE are disenfranchised when a non citizen or a person beats the system and votes multiple times. Contact your state legislator and support Voter ID!!!  MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT!!! 
Bill Moore,
Kure Beach, NC