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Enjoyed Article On Residential Recycling

To the Editor at the Gazette,
I enjoyed the article by Mo Linquist ("Green is where the Heart is," Island Gazette, June 20, 2012). We love Kure Beach and it is the only place we have vacationed as a family since our first visit in 2006. We were happy to see residential recycling, and more recently single stream recycling where everything can go into one container.
At this time I do not understand why there are no recycling receptacles in public places like the beaches, boardwalks, pier, etc.
It is easy to look and see that much of the waste at these locations is paper, plastic bottles and cans - all of which are easily recycled. It does not feel good day after day to see these trash bins full of items that could be recycled and reused. Also, as noted in the article, it is illegal in North Carolina to put plastic bottles and aluminum cans in the trash.
Facilities in North Carolina have an unmet demand for recycled materials - for example, making new bottles out of recycled bottles creates jobs and a needed product for the market. Since plastic is made out of petroleum, using recycled bottles reduces the demand for resources and foreign oil. I agree 100% with the article that people love this "little bit of paradise" and with proper signs and labeled containers people would do the right thing. Recycling helps the planet, and saves the town money by keeping waste out of the landfill.
Please invest in helping people recycle by putting the necessary signage and receptacles in public places.
Susan Masino
West Simsbury, CT