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Carolina Beach Smoking Ban Ludicrous

Mayor, Council, Editor, Others,
   Banning smoking on our strand with the exception of Freeman Park as is being brought to Council is as ludicrous and as stupid of an idea for Carolina Beach as our famous Road Diet turned out to be and will turn out to be something that we cannot control if put into effect and may very well turn out to be an illegal move if put to a test. Best let WB sample this stupid action first and catch the flack that will come out of this idiotic idea. Is this Council not going to learn from past actions by past Councils that stupid ideas that we have seen before with our now Famous Road Diet and a FIshing Pier PROPOSAL to be paid for in part by C.B. TAX DOLLARS bring stupid results? And while I have your attention please sell all of our HIGH  PRICED unwanted and unneeded X Pier Property and our two Motels. Also we do not need nor should the Town have two MOTELS COMPETING WITH PRIVATE ENTERPRISE or a park on or in any part of this property less than 3
blocks from a boardwalk that has all the amusement this Towns needs and can
afford. Have a good weekend.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC