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Displeasure With New Ferry Loading Policy

Dear Editor,
Below is a copy of a letter I wrote to the NC Ferry System concerning a change in the way the ferry is loaded.  I am sure that some of your readers will need to know this new policy and hopefully will voice their displeasure for this change.
I live in Kure Beach and have ridden the ferry for many years. I also ride a BMW motorcycle.
In the past, I would be told to pull to the side and I would be loaded if the Captain had room for motorcycles after everyone else was loaded. In 90% of the cases, there has been room for my motorcycle. In some cases there has been no room and I have had to wait for the next ferry.
My wife and I went to the ferry on Saturday, July 7, 2012, for the 12:15 ferry and I pulled in and waited until all the cars had been lined up in the 3 lanes. When I tried to pay my $3.00, the gentleman at the toll booth told me he could not accept my money unless I was in line with all the cars. He said this new policy was just instituted because of a complaint filed in Morehead City about motorcycles "breaking in line".
First, my motorcycle is air cooled and I cannot wait in a long line without ruining my engine. Second, how can a vehicle that is only loaded if there is room to squeeze on "break line"?
If all it takes is a letter of complaint to change a policy that has worked well for decades; then consider this my letter of complaint as pertains to this new policy.
The old policy took advantage of usable space and generated revenue that would otherwise be lost. I have seen as many as 4 motorcycles added to the ferry when there was no room for more vehicles. I consider this a smart way to generate revenue.
Please tell me where the new policy can be viewed as well as the "chain of command" that approved this policy.
Jerry Dockery
Kure Beach, NC