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Town Paying To Landscape State Property and Smoking Ban

Dear Editor,
Once again our newly adopted 6/12/12 budget contains money budgeted for landscaping for our Town limits. Also in this and past budgets money has to be spent to landscape areas North of Snows Bridge. I have tried to get a dollar figure of the total money that the Town is spending each budget year to provide free landscaping in this area to the state of N.C.
The only thing I've been told in the past is that this area is included in our total landscaping budget and is not a separate item.
Only an estimated amount is known which ill not provide a true cost. Why can no one in Town Hall give a straight accurate dollar figure on the cost and back it up with paper work. How much money does the Town spend per year on landscaping in this area (outside of our town limits North of Snows Cut Bridge on property that is owned be the State of N.C.?
A simple enough question that deserves a simple answer. I would bet the bank no one on this Council will respond with the answer to this question. This looking good deal is wanted by all of us, that looking good deal is not the issue, the issue is who should pay for landscaping in this area? The taxpayers of Carolina Beach or state funds for an area that is owned exclusively by the state?
The folks that voted last night 6/12/2012 to pass this budget should know how much money per year we are spending in this area out of our local taxpayer dollars because I have raised this issue many times in the past and complained to the residing council members to discontinue this asinine practice.
Surely it isn't because we have the money to spend because you just adopted a budget with a tax increase that will in time effect all property owners in Carolina Beach If no one on Council knows and no one responds with this figure with paperwork to back it up that means to me that they voted to adopt a budget
that they had no idea other than an estimated figure of what we are spending on this area or they know and do not want the taxpayers to know how they are wasting our money on areas that are not the Town taxpayers responsibility resulting in us being double taxed, once by the State and again by C.B. for all work done on State property.
Banning smoking on our strand with the exception of Freeman Park as is being brought to Council is as ludicrous and as stupid of an idea for Carolina Beach as our famous Road Diet turned out to be and will turn out to be something that we cannot control. If put into effect it may very well turn out to be an illegal move if put to a test.
Best let Wrightsville Beach sample this stupid action first and catch the flack that will come out of this idiotic idea.
Is this Council not going to learn from past actions by past Councils that stupid ideas that we have seen before with our now Famous Road Diet and a Fishing Pier PROPOSAL to be paid for in part by C.B. TAX DOLLARS bring stupid results?
And while I have your attention please sell all of our HIGH  PRICED unwanted and unneeded X Pier Property and our two Motels.
Also we do not need nor should the Town have two MOTELS COMPETING WITH PRIVATE ENTERPRISE or a park on or in any part of this property less than 3 blocks from a boardwalk that has all the amusement this Town needs and can afford.
Have a good weekend.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC