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Litter On The Beach

Dear Editor,
Almost every morning, somewhere between 8 and 11 am you might see me walking from the 800 block north to the pier or from the 800 block south to the Boardwalk, picking up trash on the beach.  
Yep, I'm that lady with the bright yellow kitty litter bucket and bright blue long handled grabbers who wanders around your beach blanket picking up trash and cigarette butts left by someone the day before.  
Please don't be offended if I ask you if I can tidy up around your site!
Cigarette butts by far outnumber all the other trash left on our beautiful beaches, I pick up over 200 a day!  But, I just wanted to let you know some of the other disgusting things I pick up daily.
There's ALWAYS dog excrement (of course, everyone picks up after their dog, right?), candy wrappers, assorted food stuffs (corn cobs, apple cores, banana peels, orange peels, etc), beer cans, drink bottles, water bottles, baby bottles, baby diapers (usually full), napkins (feminine and table), dryer sheets, broken toys, lonely flip flops (the other one is gone), bottle caps (metal and
plastic), plastic drink rings, METAL SPARKLERS, various and sorted left overs from fireworks and my very favorite...large bloody medical bandages.
Also, broken beach chairs and/or parts. Somehow these just can't make it up to the trashcans.
Personally, I would be appalled if I put my blanket down and got all comfy and turned over and came eye to eye with a pile of doggy poo.  Obviously, some people don't think this is a bad thing, so they let their dogs use our beach as their personal potty and don't have the common courtesy to pick up after them.
And apparently it must be more comfortable or acceptable to soak off your medical bandages in the ocean, because the number I'm picking up off the beach would rival the number found in the dumpsters behind a small medical clinic.
Not only are our beaches being polluted, but whatever is left on the beach eventually makes its way into the ocean and into the Marine life that lives there.
Seagulls are often called "Ocean Rats", however, they do not eat any of the things I have listed above. Neither do any of the other sea creatures that live in our oceans. Not on purpose anyway.  If any of the objects listed are ingested by Marine life, the outcome is usually a slow horrible death for the creature.
I pick up trash for a number of reasons. It's good for the environment, it's good for me (mentally and physically), I get to meet some nice people while I'm walking, I get to see some adorable children, and the best part, I get to enjoy this beautiful beach that I'm lucky enough to call home.  If you see me walking, say hello! 
If you have some trash you want me to take for you, don't be afraid to ask, I'll be happy to do it!  I'd much rather take it from you than have it left on the beach.  Help me keep Carolina Beach Beautiful! 
Nancy B. Embry,
Carolina Beach, NC