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Kure Beach Triathlon

Hello Town Council of Kure Beach, staff members and Kure Beach Triathlon
Committee Leader,

We wish to comment on this week's Island Gazette news article regarding the
annual "Kure Beach Triathlon".

Every single customer and guest of the "Town of Kure Beach" is important.
This includes the "Kure Beach Triathlon" and all who participate. The
expenses it takes to care and provide service for customers and guest of
Kure Beach is important to sustain businesses. Over the past 32 years, April 1 to November 10, and all days in between are active business days for us. Outside these dates, Kure Beach has severe shortages of faithful paying customers.

With the exception of one past triathlon guest, all triathlon guests have
requested "only" one-night-lodging.  Yes, the "Blue Marlin Apartments" runs
100% occupancy during the race but nearly all guests are repeat
"non-triathlon families" staying three to seven days.  With the exception of the first three weekends after Labor Day, holding large events the size of the "Kure Beach Triathlon" outside the dates of April 1 thru November 10 would be very beneficial to the "Blue Marlin Apartments and Beach Shop". Visitors, customers and residents are welcome to our lodging and beach shop

We hope folks can rediscover the fun and joys of Kure Beach, NC.

Gilbert and Karen Alphin
309 North Fort Fisher Blvd.
Kure Beach, NC  28449