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Perhaps A No Smoking Zone?

I'd like to voice my opinion on smoking on the beach. There are heated
opinions on either side of the issue. Those people who are still
smoking are addicted. I know because I was one. They have the freedom
to smoke or not and have the right to speak out, as do we. However
that population is down to only 20% of our citizens. That means that
the many have to suffer the habits of the few.
I have COPD. If you do the research you will find that it includes
chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The emphysema will get me one day.
I thought I was bullet proof as do many who still smoke. That's not
the only problem here on the island. The butts are everywhere. In the
sand, on the sidewalk and in the streets. If you enter some
businesses here in town, you have to pass through the purple haze and
the smell on the “front porch”. In order to avoid the additional 20 cops and the dozen ATVs as suggested in last weeks issue, maybe the thing to do is to designate a no smoking portion of the beach. There are camp fires and charcoal grills going on at the north end anyway so that might be a good spot to designate as smoking area. The no smoking zone might be from Cape
Fear Blvd. to Dow Road.
How come people smarter than me haven't figured this out yet ?
George McHenry
Carolina Beach, NC