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Smoking Ban...

Dear Island Gazette,
I know that by the time you receive my opinion on this situation of banning cigarette smoking..or any other smoking on your beaches, your board would have already voted.  As a yearly PAYING visitor to your lovely island, I would like to tell you what so many others that spend their hard earned money toward your economy would like to tell you..DON'T CUT YOUR NOSES OFF TO SPITE YOUR FACES!!!!
I as many others do, spend almost two (2) thousand dollars on our rental alone, not counting on enjoying your many eateries, amusements & local shopping.  
We do this as we enjoy our vacation time without having another concerned citizens  group telling us what is/is not  acceptable. Yes, I am a smoker, (in fact the only one in my family), but there are such of us that are courteous smokers
as we don't smoke in restaurants,  in our rental units, or in churches, and I have never seen a cigarette smoker "blow ones smoke" in anothers face.  
I pick up my "butts", as I have seen many others do, only to take them to overflowing trash receptacles with any other trash I see on my/your beach.
If your town chooses to enforce this ban, what is in the plans for future bans?  
Hopefully, they will include issuing citations on those who choose to wear inappropriate swimwear.. (i.e.: bikinis)  on those that weigh in 150lbs or more (this goes for BOTH sexes!!), unsightly/vulgar tattoos, and unruly/unsupervised children. I am reminded of when my daughter was younger.her DARE teacher was educating them on cigarette
smoking, when Emily volunteered to the class that her mother smoked cigarettes, another young child spoke up and stated that "his mama smoked weed!" The teacher very calmly responded "Well, Mrs. Gobble pays a very high tax to smoke her cigarettes, while your mama is just paying the guy on the corner"!
Remember here Pleasure Island officials, what IS important to you, your businesses, your local economy & if you have enough in your coffers to afford to uphold this position.
Melissa T. Gobble
Salisbury, North Carolina