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Smokers, Let's Boycott Carolina Beach

As a loyal paying customer of Carolina Beach dropping approximately 2k per
year in rentals alone in to your economy, I and many others like me are
about to move on to "better shores". I have weathered the so called
boardwalk transformation, little more than room for new condos! I have put
up with very few local restaurants to choose from, mostly because Carolina
Beach has been a tradition in my family for many years. It is what I have
always known and loved. With your smoking ban I am done! There is not now
never has been and never will be ANY evidence that smoking in the wide open
outdoors harms anyone other than the person doing the smoking! If liter was
an issue I would have been glad to take a plastic bag for my butts, I
actually already do thank you very much! You allow so many offensive things
on your beaches that my cigarette should have been the least of your

So, I have spent my very last dime in Carolina Beach! Usually one week out
of every year and several weekends I pay for rentals, utilize your grocery
stores, restaurants, pharmacies, gift shops etc. but never again. I will
take my cigarettes and my business just an hour down the road to Myrtle
Beach where there is plenty of pristine beaches, restaurants galore,
entertainment, site seeing and the list goes on. MB has always had so much
more to offer, I think it is time for all of us smokers to go where our
business is appreciated, with our plastic butt bag in hand, oh and just for
the heck of it, I am going to make a point to spend at least 10 percent more on everything than I normally would just on GP. How do you like that CB?? Smokers, please join me as we treat CB like they have treated us and our money, lets dump them for good!

Gail G Weeks
Faison, NC