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Council's Created A Mess

Council, Others,
I would like to encourage all members of Council to buy a copy of today's 8/22/12 Edition of the Island Gazette and read the letters to the editor enough times so it will soak into your brains just what a mess you have created in folks minds in your rush to judgement on having a smoking ban on our beaches. The fight on this issue has just begun. In your haste to be the first Town and Council to come up with this mess, you have created a mess. Even with my half good sense I have sense enough to know the 4 that supports this nonsense have not heard the last word on this issue and I hope there is more to come in the coming copies of the Gazette. You folks stated in the Council meeting that you were bombarded with overwhelming support of a smoking ban (to the tune of not being able to answer them all) on our beaches. All of you failed to say where and from who these e-mails were from. Did any of you bother to check to see if these were from local folks or from some people from timbuckto that would have us all stop smoking like I believe 4 on Council would have us do with their sense of urgency on this issue. I especially liked the presentation from the lady that addressed Council and spoke against a smoking ban when she stated that at work places, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants and numerous other enclosed places folks were told to go outside to smoke in unenclosed areas. Now even though smoking is forbidden inside these places, outside ain't good enough for this Council and some other folks. We live in a Tobacco State no less.  The pushing has got to stop and C.B. WOULD BE A GOOD PLACE TO START. I would bet the bank that the State of N.C. DENIES your, and other Towns, request to ban smoking on our beaches when this lunacy is finally presented to them. Unless you can put walls and a roof on the outdoor beaches this bird aint going to fly. Should this lunacy be passed at the state level all beaches in N.C. would go smoke free. Beaches have been, are now and always will be revenue sources for the State. Research has revealed their are only 130 beaches across the U.S.THAT HAVE THIS IDIOC BAN.The folks in Raleigh are not the "Village Idiots" as some of you would believe and are not going to jump on your bandwagon  on this very controversal issue. I believe they have sense enough to know when enough is enough and if not already they will be receiving pressure from Tobacco interest to put a stop to smoking bans with the exception of enclosed areas. You would have a better chance of getting your ludicrous wishes  implemented if they carried the weight of a majority of our local voters having expressed their desires for a beach smoking ban on the November ballot which you will not do because you know you will not be able to get a majority vote on this issue at the polls and this issue will fall flat on its and your faces. I believe the majority of voters at the polls would be better than 4 votes of Council on this issue. This Council  has let 4 decide this issue for us and not ourselves.This borders on insanity and way past stupidity. I believe the Raleigh crowd has gone as far as the majority are willing to go when they put stipulations on the roof and walls deal at restaurants. They drew the line in the sand then and the majority will not go any farther on smoking without creating one h--- of a mess on this issue.
It can burn their reputation with the voters and future campaign money. Especially read Bobby McConvilles lengthy well though out letter on the non smoking issue as he makes more sense to me than what I have heard come out of the mouths of all members of Council combined.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC