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R'evolution music Festival

Dear Editor,

   I was in attendance at the R'evolution Beach Festival Sept 6 & 7. I volunteered to help work at the front gate. I want to state for the record, that of all the people there, I personally only saw 2 people who were extremely inebriated.
    I was at the gate from 10 AM til 12 midnight, Friday and Saturday. As I talked to people coming through the gate, EVERYONE was sober except for a some, that appeared to have had a couple drinks. I saw NO ONE (except the aforementioned 2) who were " incapacitated".
Therefore, the vast majority were conducting themselves appropriately. I am not aware of anyone having to go to hospital. If anything like this happened, it was outside the festival and therefore not part OF the festival. I think it is very sad that a few people can ruin this event for everyone else. To those of you who were arrested, I hope you read this and feel badly.  This is NOT what the festival is about. It is not an "opportunity" to make money selling drugs. Nor is intended to be an opportunity to get "wasted".  It wasn't about YOU.
What the committee was trying to do is bring about awareness of the plight of people in other countries who do not have the most basic things in life, ie: clean food, water, etc. The group hoped to do this through hosting a music festival where people could come together and have fun, local bands could be profiled, while raising awareness about the world.
I was VERY impressed with the people I met. Their hearts are in the right place. There were lots of very hard working volunteers who helped get everything set up, shuttle people on and off the beach, and watch out for anyone that might need help. (those 2 again!) To my knowledge, the volunteers did not drink or do anything else that would be deemed inappropriate.
Also I wanted to mention that I volunteered for cleaning up the beach Sunday and was amazed at how little there was to pick up. The campers should be commended for the respect they showed the beach. I picked up a lot of rusty bottle caps and disintegrating plastic bags. Those did NOT come from the campers. Bottle caps don't rust overnight. We'd tried to leave the beach cleaner than we found it. I
know we did.
I read a sign and it said " If you are lucky enough to be at the beach, you are lucky enough". How true! Same goes for this festival. To those of you who were arrested or conducted yourself inappropriately, I wish you could think about what you have, and what others do not. If you are lucky enough to have the freedom to come, have a little money in your pocket, food in your cooler, and are surrounded by good people trying to make a real difference in the world, you are lucky enough. Why mess things up by doing illegal stuff and giving the Festival a bad reputation.
I remain very impressed with the vast majority of people ( young  and older) that I met this weekend.  One group of fishermen set up by the gate on Saturday, never went inside the fence and fed the volunteers for FREE. (A estos hombres, muchas gracias, estan muy simpaticos.....).... They are very kind people that I had the honor to meet. There were nurses, volunteering to make sure everyone had care if needed.  There were military veterans, young parents, retirees, teenagers, college students, hard working everyday people etc...a mixed group all working and playing together. I had a wonderful time just being in the presence of such kind human beings. I think instead of focusing on the negative things that happened, the town COULD look at the positive. Congratulations to the R'evolution Festival Committee. I think you did a fantastic job.
Patricia Fugett