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Hire A Village Idiot To Educate Council

Council, Others,
After reading an article in the Star News (8/17/12)  "Town plans to sell land". Council is insinuating that this move will lower our tax burden and is the way to go as evidenced by a 4-0 vote by Council. I fail to see that this is anyway to go and how this will occur when your plans to spend more money on an unneeded, unwanted (nor can the tax payers afford) Ocean Front Park less than 3 blocks from our Boardwalk. You folks need to stop making decisions immediately and hire a "Village Idiot" who may in all probability look at your plans and advise you this is "stupidity soon to be put in action" with our money - especially in todays economy - and do a better job than you are doing. Or at least give you an education on how to make decisions that make sense for a change. I understand plans are in the making to accept 1.4 million in grant money plus a mandatory $900,000.00 match of our Town funds + a slim hope that the County will chip in money and who knows how much more money you will delegate to this stupid endeavor that has not surfaced yet but in all probability will become a fact if plans continue for the proposed Ocean Front Park.
Have all of you that support this mess completely lost your minds or do you think you reside and govern in the land/Town of plenty? I would like to enlighten and assure you that you don't in case any of you mistakenly think otherwise. To start with it will be "insanity put into action" to sell only the 4 small lots across from the Harbor Masters Restaurant by themselves and keep the rest for your stupid endeavors. You need to sell all of the land that was included in the Pier Purchase mess and get us back to square one on this idiotic mistake made by our previous non- thinking big spending bunch of elected official (you know the ones that implemented our asinine Road Diet)  including our two Motels that are in competition with private enterprise as we speak. All of this property is surplus to the Towns needs and won't lower our tax burden one bit or stop the bleeding that is going on with its interest and payments. The Town holding on to any of this ex Pier Property is ludicrous/insane and words I would not print without fear of going to jail. You are still hanging on to a wing and a prayer (the pier portion) of this property in the hopes that at some point in time you can again give this property to the state to build a pier compliments of a non thinking Council and its taxpayers. According to this article we had a great project (this is debatable), plans fell through and we have now scaled back. Where is all of this scaling back occurring? Surely it isn't putting only 4 lots on the market and keeping the rest for Councils pet projects?
So where is the rest of the scaling back occurring? With statements like this our Manager must not think any of us can read or that we do not care how they spend our money. Our next two local elections hopefully will prove otherwise. Keep hanging on to the States coat tails with our money going out the door every month to pay interest on this property? This Council has been told more than once that there's no money coming from the state to build a pier. The folks at the State level have told us more than one time that no money is coming.
Quit wishing with our tax dollars and put all of this property on the market for an immediate sell or use your own funds to make the payments and interest on this stupid endeavor, so you will not to be mistaken of what I am insinuating. This means all of this property, not portions you want to keep for stupid endeavors that you cannot substantiate the taxpayers of C.B. want to fund. All the while taxpayers that elected you to make wise decisions with their money wait and wait and have done some more waiting while you hesitate and try to tell us that this is not the time to sell or we will loose goodles( no announced substantiated amount) of money and all the while not even one speck of this property has been put on the market at a reputable commercial property agent to see what it would bring. At one time a proposal was dancing around to combine this property with some private property in the vicinity and put it all on the market. Does this make any sense when Council is telling us that buyers are not standing in line to buy our property?
If we indeed cannot sell ours how can we sell somebody else’s? This was a "Stupid is as stupid does" proposal. Selling all 4 of these small lot only as someone on Council is obviously proposing is a poor effort at a Smoke and Mirrors tactic to cause the public to think they are concerned and want to sell this property and get us out from under this debt, when all the while they are making plans/bouncing around the idea to keep the bigger portion of this land for their pet project of a Park.
The portion they are proposing to sell will more than likely go for under $400,000.00 total and is not a drop in a very big bucket of the 4.5 million that we owe on all of this unneeded property and will not stop our money bleeding issue. I am under the impression that we are paying over $300.000.000 per year in interest payments alone for these total properties.
Who ever came up with the notion of putting an Ocean Front Park on this expensive land needs to go back to College and get a degree in economics instead of stupidity.
This was also bounced around by our previous Council and had they stayed in office it would have become another one of their nightmares. Now this nightmare surfaces once again by our present Council. I keep hearing where CBP3, and not the Town, owns this property. This is the biggest bull crap I have ever heard as CBP3 does not have any money.
This is a company thought up by an Attorney and our money is the money used to make the payments on this property. You let the Town stop using our taxpayer money to make payments on the loans on this property and you will see just how quick/and who the bank looks to and goes after the Town for payment, not CBP3 but the Town of Carolina Beach. It appears to have not been a smart business move by the bank that holds the note on this property if the property is worth much less money than is owed on it. I would like to know how this deal really works. Have a nice day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC