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Smoking Ban and Pier Property

Dear Editor
I can’t understand why our council members want to ban smoking on the beach.  They should realize they cannot enforce this mandate and they have not heard from the citizen’s of Carolina Beach.  
I would like to address the increased police required and this expense.
What does concern me is the non-enforcement of Drinking alcoholic beverages in a public place like Freeman Park and drinking with an open containers in a vehicle.   
I understand this property does not belong to Carolina Beach, but this area is in NORTH CAROLINA and said regulations should be enforced.
I am upset with our chosen council to address the issue  of resolving the purchase of the AQUARIS   PROJECT PROPERTY at a cost of 4 million dollars encouraged by Joel Macon.  
They refuse to sell this property and now they propose a beachfront park only two blocks from boardwalk.
LeRoy Franks
Carolina Beach, NC