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Put Aquatic Center In Perspective

To  put our proposed Aquatic Center in perspective. 14 years ago at Master Plan meetings a list of  things that would be nice was put on a wish list including a simple swimming  pool for residents. This simple pool idea is not what is happening now because in its place using the defunct Master Plan with very little public input an Aquatic Center has emerged and our money put toward it being built. Boy aint this fast work? All of a sudden this deal pops up before Council for approval and funding. Developing a site plan is the early stages of building not for our residents but a million dollar +- pool for any and everybody who wants use it to participate and join. This is not what the Master Plan originators envisioned for the Town. First an updated mandate of whether we want to spend money on anything should have been held and can we afford this Aquatic Center which is being tooted as very little expense to the taxpayers using varous unproven revenue streams. The revenue streams are not a fact and we could in all probability be left with picking up the pieces if these revenue streams blow up in this Councils faces. Then if it is desired a plan is put in place for further study to see if it is feasible and indeed affordable by seeking bids on its cost. This is not what happened.
What was done here is 2 somebodys brought a plan to Council of what they think they want us to have but not having any considerable amount of people/residents input supporting this + - million dollar deal. Council jumped on this with little discussion and with all on board voting to dedicate up to $30,000 toward a site plan. Our Manager saying that may not be enough to begin. So back to our bank/our funds this Council may need to merrilly go to pick up the tab for this already forecasted overrun and we aint got started on big spending yet.
You would have thought Council would have heard the  Aquatic Center spill, each take the plan home and study it in detail before dedicating our money to this deal. This is not what was done, instead immediate action was taken by this bunch - bless their hearts - to dedicate our money toward this as yet unstudied endeavor. Well la d da aint that nice of them. To me this deal before/after it is built (if it is even built) will turn into an EXOTIC CENTER and not an AQUATIC CENTER and certainly not a simple pool.
Of course Council does not need our permission they can spend as they d--- well please and the folks that foot the bills have no recourse except at the ballot box.
The original idea of the Master Plan was a pool for residents use, not an Aquatic Center. How the Town got to something other than what was the Master Plan's intent for the Town that is being used as justification for an Aquatic Center I do not know. Please someone that is in the know disclose this to us residents. Once again a simple pool is what is needed and I would like to see a sizeable number of our residents saying it is or is not before this unthinking Council proceeds any further giving us what they want us to have. A mandate of our residents should have been the first thing that this Council sought before anything else was done especially spending our money that may be going into a million dollars more or less which just  does not happen to be their own.
Acting and spending our money on getting this deal started on a plan that Council has never had presented to them publically before puts this Council in the category of using nonsense in decision making concerning spending our money. When did they have time to study this deal and do the critical thinking toward this issue before a vote to dedicate money for this? At this time we could use a pool for the exclusive use of our residents, but who knows without a pooling of our residents.
When did a current number of people (a mandate if you will) put this Council on notice that they wanted and Aquatic Center? Never is the answer, it hasn't happened but we are going to spend money on a site plan for this endeavor. Seems to me this Council is taking a lot of liberties with our money without our consent.
I believe this deal was an idea dreamed up by someone or a couple of people in C.B. and presented to a Company that is in the business of selling these things for profit thus what I believe was a free plan in the hopes that they would get the contract to build this thing if built assuming they were somehow the low bidder or this handed to them on a silver platter.
This deal is probably a standard plan and it was adapted to include the dimensions, layout and frills the presenters wanted it to have, mind you them and not us. I would like to see (if possible) this plan on paper and who the Pool Co. is that designed this thing free and who may stand to receive a contract for their work if this deal is built.
No mandate has been procured by this Council or anyone else that this is what we would like to have. What I see is this is another deal of all Council members wanting and voting to give us what they want us to have. I challenge anyone in the room to produce a sizeable number of our residents to verify that this proposed deal is what our residents want.
A sizeable majority as anyone with any sense and even a "Village Idiot" knows does not mean an adult with pink swim goggles on his head and children at a Council meeting holding up their hands and saying yea. This falls under the category of using hype to get what you want. Folks on Council are very good at acting like they know what we want and not actually know what we would like to have.
Council members: You are spending our money not yours so don't you think you need to have a sizeable number of us giving you our permission to spend it? You are spending our money with the justification being the few in the room at 1 Council meeting and very few folks on the street.
I am surprised that there are not more folks pitching a hissy fit other than myself about this Councils decision. I believe a majority may be waiting until a better time, re-election time mind you and will quietly go about the business of cleaning house of all of this Council. This will take two elections but I am a patient person, resident and voter.  Have a good day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC