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A Legend and A Role Model

A Legend & A Role Model
We've physically lost a great man, father, husband, and entrepreneur and so few of us will ever meet someone who had it all.  We are blessed to have know Michael McGowan.  He was born in the 60's with a challenging illness, whose median age then seldom saw their teens let alone their 40's.    He made more than a score of us better people as he continually remained up-beat, smiling, resilient, and yet humble.
 Ann and I had the privilege of meeting and dining at the first restaurant Shelly and Michael worked in Carolina Beach; he was cooking and she was either a hostess or waiting tables depending upon the traffic.  Little did we know then that this man was a living miracle and more so later when he underwent and bounced back from a double lung transplant.
Through it all, medically, professionally, and personally Michael always gave back, not only for medical research but in every way, every day.
We should be so lucky to ever again meet someone with Michael's strength of purpose and personal honor.  Another famous person, to paraphrase Albert Einstein, "Our passing is not an end if we live on in our children and grandchildren for they are us and our bodies are but the leaves on the tree of life"  Shelly and the boys will see to it that Michael's accomplishments, in all his walks of life, continue to inspire those privileged to have known him.  
His children, with Shelly's guidance, will now set that example for all of us.  God Bless.  
Ann & Joe Coen,
Carolina Beach, NC