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Once in a lifetime, because it’s so close, we get a  chance to vote when it really does make a difference.  This is one such election unless you  want  more taxes, less exercise of you free will, more intrusion into your personal affairs, and the creeping elimination of the Constitution. Four years ago we got a lot of promises from a man who  could have done so much good but didn’t.  Instead, with a Democratic House and Senate, he concentrated on an  increasingly contentious medical plan after a NOT shovel-ready 800 billion  dollar stimulus that didn’t create enough jobs, didn’t help the housing/real  estate industry, didn’t fix banking or the tax plan, and increased our  debt.
The last four years have been depressing and as  frequently distorted as Nancy Pelosi’s Botox treatments.  The Navy SEALS removed one threat to the USA.  It’s up to us, the voters, to remove the  other threat.  If we voted for our  current leadership in 2008 to prove we honor diversity and respect eloquence of  speech, please vote in 2012 to prove we are more informed now and want a better  economy. There is an honest, successful alternative.  He’ll be light years better than either  McCain or our current President.
Doctors, and most don’t belong to the tiny AMA,  hospitals, seniors, and those younger are just now admitting the new medical  plan will cost more, eliminate lots of tests for seniors and those younger with  serious illnesses, and increase medical device taxes. All health providers will  have to increase their fees to manage the overhead of increasing patient loads  due to industry dropping employee medical programs.  PA’s will be MDs. The good parts, there are a few, will survive.  It was JFK who said a free society that  cannot help the poor also cannot help the rich who employ the poor.  Our economy needs both those  seeking-to-achieve and those who have achieved the American Dream but not by  doing it the way we’ve been headed.  
We should not have a 14.4% black, a 10.3% Hispanic unemployment or a 24% teenage unemployment.  
Vote. The  USA ranks  138th out of 169 democratic countries in voter turnout.  Ours, over the past decade, had a 47.7%  voter turnout;  Canada was at 82.6% and countries like  Italy,  Mexico,  Indonesia and  others make us look disinterested in our leadership. It counts.
If we lower burdensome taxes, cut lots (not all) new  regulations on business, streamline both government and the tax code, we can  inspire confidence, increase employment and boost consumer spending on both  commodities and housing.  If we cut  out a few deductions (oil industry, farmers not to farm, etc.), eliminate grants  to investigate flatulence from cows, and hire people to track down entitlement  fraud, we will have a country that does not have to literally bow to the king of  Saudi Arabia, Chinese Communists like Hu Jintao, the emperor of Japan, the  president of Mexico and every union boss. Oh yes, you don’t hug the Queen of England, return the Prime Ministers  statue, and blow off the Prime Minister of Israel while letting Iran poison the  UN air.       
We have had a government kadistocracy, one run by the  least capable or qualified.  Think  about a government that President Ford said if it’s big enough to give you  everything, it’s also big enough to take everything you have.  Consider; we have 23 million  un-or-underemployed; 47 million people, costing 81 billion dollars, on food  stamps and while some deserve it, before the mid-2000’s only17 million were on  food stamps.
There are 6.9 million more people in poverty vs. four  years ago for a total now of 46.2 million people; 5.5 million homeowners are in  financial mortgage trouble; there has been a $4,500 drop in family income; 5.5  trillion dollars in new debt; 716 billion dollars in Medicare reductions; $1.9 trillion in new taxes; and almost double the cost of gas.
We have $2.6 trillion for Obamacare and the independent  National Institute of Medicine, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences,  reports we waste 750 billion dollars a year on  USA healthcare. Seven (mega-millions) energy companies went bankrupt who got  US taxpayer  money, one, Ener1, owned by a Russian friend of Putin and Medvedev). We have people in the USA who need that  money but we send it to more overseas causes like Siberian legislators or here  to study the impact of yoga on menopause, testing cocaine on monkeys, and  bailing out Chrysler then giving it to an Italian car company.
Of course, the above is the fault of Bush, the CIA,  Prophet Mohamed videos, Congress, racism, Wall Street (three, Emanuel, Daley and  Lew worked for the Pres.) 450,000 millionaires (contributors to both campaigns)  and bankers who the government forced to lend money to people who couldn’t  afford homes (Bush and Clinton). It’s also the fault of our “outdated  Constitution” which B.O. solved with Executive Orders messing with unilateral  amnesty, welfare no-work waivers, the 14th Amendment, Obamacare I,  II, III, Libya,  and recess appointments when the Senate was in session during Labor (3) and  Consumer (1) Boards appointments.
As G.D. Gearino wrote in Business North Carolina,  government has, like a cancer, metastasized. We had a Constitution that provided a  government for mail, courts, defense, taxes for roads, schools, sanitation and  helping the poor.  Now it’s about  what we eat and drink, nail salons, tanning beds, religious beliefs, parental  rights and privacy, and the redistribution of wealth. One hundred millionaires moved out of  Maryland when they over taxed the  wealthy; next move will be out of the  USA.  Middle class taxes here we come.
Please vote against the  Nanny  State because it’s harming us even in  New Hanover  County.  We have 1 out of 7 people age 25 and  older who didn’t complete High School and an equal amount on food stamps. Coincidence? That’s not an act of compassion but  proof of a failed economy.  We have  over 10,000 unemployed and over 30,000 below the poverty line. Vote - it does count! 
Let him take his last $4,000,000, 17 day  Christmas vacation. 
Joe Coen,
Kure Beach, NC