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Who is not acting in a professional manner now?

To the editor of Island Gazette, Thank you for your coverage in last week’s edition titled “Carolina Beach Mayor says Councilmembers Unprofessional”.  The email initiated by the Mayor and the subsequent responses by the council members provided us with a great vehicle of transparency in our local government.  
It is understandable that elected officials may disagree from time-to-time about the issues, their priority, and the solutions.  However, when one chooses to disparage a fellow elected official’s integrity and physical characteristics (such as weight), it begs the question, “Who is not acting in a professional manner now?”  Those types of references have absolutely no relevance in a serious discussion of the issues facing town government.  
It was clear from the amount of time the Mayor spent crafting his email that this was not a whim but a focused attack on the members of the council that we’ve elected. Further, the rambling nature of his email leads one to believe a more professional, constructive approach should have been used. For example, when reviewing the content of the Mayor Pro Tem and the Councilman’s responses, each answer was itemized, comprehensive, and coherently presented.  Also, they dealt strictly with issues and the actions needed to solve those issues.  There is no reference to anyone’s physical characteristics. That, Mr. Mayor, is professionalism.
Lastly, both of the councilmen’s responses explained that they have their constituents’ best interests in mind, whereas, the Mayor’s agenda included  pointing fingers, personal attacks, requesting vague apologies- which leaves his constituents low on his Priority List.
TJ Flanigan