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Aquatic Center Will Be Costly To Taxpayers

Mayor Pro Tem Shuttleworth, Council,
Your quote in the Gazette 10/24/12 "On the Topic of an 8-lane 25 yard community Pool." You wrote "Rest assured, if the Town cannot afford a swimming Pool you have no interest in ramming the project through". It appears to me that up to this point with your Aquatic Center Pool proposal you have been ramming this project through. With all of the high priority items this Council is faced with having to fund a swimming pool costing approx.+- 1 million dollars should be the last item on this Council's mind to fund. Yet it isn't and is a top priority of this Council as evidenced by Council's unamious vote to start the process.
"Folks where are your heads" surely not connected to your shoulders. You appeared to me to go from listening to the spill on the Aquatic Center from the fellow in the pink swim goggles to trying to sell this deal to your fellow Council members and folks in the audience and explaining the points of this Aquatic Center and after that you were the Mayor Pro Tem that made the motion to call for a vote which was unamious to allow $30,000 for a site survey which even a "Village Idiot" knows is the very start.
So this tells me and anyone with a sound mind the mind set of this Council is to build this pool without knowing whether the Town can afford it or not.
This tells even a fellow (myself) with only a second grade education that you are definitly into building this pool without holding any public hearing. How in the world can you possibly not be biased in any vote you were to give again concerning this pool? As to whether the Town can afford this $937,000,00 +- wonder this Council has to be under the assumption that the Town will not have to put out but around $9,000.00+- per year of taxpayer money to pay for this pool after all the revenue sources/streams are in that have been presented and which none may materialize. I do not believe this Council is going on the assumption that the taxpayers may indeed have to fork up the total moneys for this pool in the long run but most definitely will after it is built. Some body has to be responsible for this loan. Guess who, its us taxpayers. The assumption and spill to sell this albatross of the fellow in the pink swim goggles is that we are getting a pool almost free and that may or may not be true because he doesn't know either.  But never the less it was presented that way and this Council jumped on this bandwagon full steam ahead. The only way you or I or anyone else will know what the revenue streams are and the amount of money this proposed pool may take in per year is for the Town to build the pool then seek term of contract commitments from all of the revenue streams then we will know what the taxpayers will be left to pay. The word is circulating that this pool deal will be financed for 20 years.
Nobody in his or her right mind is gong to give a firm long-term 20+ year commitments to join in and pay on something until it is built if even then.
This is very sketchy business for our taxpayers for a frill and not a need and is based on assumptions and not any proven facts.
The only fact is the Town has to build this pool first and operate x number of years to see if it will pay for itself or not. If not we are stuck with this Council mistake which some are already forecasting.
At this point if the revenue streams do not support this pool is this Council willing to take money out of their personal pocketbooks to pay for their mistake and not stick this debt on us taxpayers?
I think not and this is the reason that I expressed in a previous email that this Council should back out of this very sketchy deal and build no more than a simple pool, if any, that we can afford that will cost les than a third of what is being proposed for this albatross.
This Town has more than its share of projects that should come before a pool.
Once again all that glitters is not gold and may indeed be looked at as fools gold. Have a good day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC