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Dear Editor,
First, I will say that I was unable to read the Mayor’s e-mail when it first became public.  Second, I was unable to read the responses of our honorable, and I do mean honorable, council members, Bob Lewis and Steve Shuttleworth.  That said, I was able to come up to date after reading your editorial in the paper dated October 31, 2012 and the text from the Island Gazzete’s web site.  Great job!  I am surprised, as I have not seen anything from Lonnie Lashley to participate in this discussion.  His silence tells me he supports the Mayor’s feelings.
I worked in the corporate area for over 40 years.  I have been involved in many controversial discussions and decisions affecting national and global issues. But, I have never witnessed any of my leaders act in a manner similar to our leader, that is, the Mayor of a Town, towards other council members, who the residents have elected to manage the affairs of the Town.  When  I say non-professional, I am referring to not only the personal attacks on Bob Lewis, but that the Mayor would use an e-mail forum to denigrate three members of the council both personally and professionally.
I have to agree with Steve Shuttleworth that the Mayor’s comments constitute verbiage that would come from a bully.  Steve’s assessment rings true with me. I was in attendance at the political forum for the Mayoral candidates prior to the election and heard the responses to the questions by Pat Eifird, Dan Wilcox and Ray Rothrock.  Pat’s and Dan’s responses were thoughtful and directed at moving this Town forward.  I cannot say I felt the same about Ray’s comments.  Perhaps that feeling I had is ringing true based on what has transpired to date between the Mayor and Bob, Steve and Sarah.
I have been to many of the Town’s events and have never seen the Mayor in attendance, but I have seen Bob Lewis at many of these events.
The Mayor’s web site when he was running for Mayor stated: “I am running on my record as your mayor for three consecutive terms (1997 to 2003). During that time, Carolina Beach was confronted by a very serious financial problem, which caused the State of North Carolina to consider stepping in and taking control of the town. Well, with the help of the Town Council, I was able to reverse the Town's poor financial condition, resulting in a very strong and prosperous community.”
OK, I do not know what the serious financial problem was.  He stated he worked with the Town Council to reverse this situation. Why can’t he work with the current Town Council to deliver a strong and prosperous community now?  Is 2003 that much different that 2012? 
Well yes, we are in very different times, with very different problems that are more far reaching than they were in 2003.  Maybe we need current thinking and not 2003 thinking!
Until  I read the web site text, I was not aware our Town Manager was not a resident of the Town.  How does that happen?  I think the Town Council needs to ensure that our Town Manager needs to reside in the Town.  Now I understand why the Town Manager would recommend tax increases on the Town’s residents when he would not be liable to pay them.
I want to close by saying, from what I have heard from Bob Lewis, Steve Shuttleworth and Sarah Friede in the political forums, in the news media and in person, these council members have our best interests in mind as they act as our elected members of the Town Council.  I have total trust in them and support them.
Come on Mayor, work with the other Town Council members to move this community forward.
Ronald Bond,
Carolina Beach, NC