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Ask For Input Before Pushing Pool Plan

Council, Others,
With the Town now facing finding a long term solution for our need to have a permanent place for our operations dept. buying land is without a doubt at this point in time the only sensible long term solution to this problem, perhaps you folks on Council have a good fairy in your pocket that may suddenly appear and provide you big spenders on unneeded things some land for this necessary purpose. I heard the nonsensical arguments at our Oct 9 Council meeting that did not result in any substantial progress toward this aim because this Council does not see the need even though it is in their face to buy land for this project. It appears to me that what’s left of this Council (that’s another story) is wishing this problem will go away. I assure you Sunny Point will not let that happen and I believe this Council has been shown in strong no uncertain terms that is the case caused by more than 1 past Councils blatant neglect to adhere to our contract with them for many, many years. This Town asked to be able to do certain things on Sunny Points land many times over the years not covered in this contract and were denied but proceeded to do it anyway. How stupid can supposedly smart people get? Now our present Council wants to try to bargain their way out of this mess and not buy land that they deem is an expensive way to go.
Meanwhile Council - with our money - have to rent space that does not provide any long-term solution to this problem. Our need to provide money for upkeep for dredging our inlet and putting sand on our beaches plus we have been notified that the Town is responsible for the upkeep of the rock-wall abutment on our beach beside the North Pier. All this and finding a new home for our operations dept is a full plate and has to take top priority. But this Council has added a 1 million+- swimming pool to our plate with our money. At this time the Town does not know the total cost of it all and even worse does not have a plan to pay for it all. Somewhere in this deal much needed raises for our employees must also occur before we start losing good employees. I am hearing talk of just such a thing. I am told Town employees have only received a 1% raise in the past 3 years + a small bonus.
It appears to me that this Council is up to their ears in necessary obligations and is stalling. dancing around and killing time on the long-term solution of buying land to solve this problem. I am also amazed that not one on this Council has yet seen the need to vote to dump their new unneeded very expensive Aquatic pool Project before any more money is spent on this nonsense and devote time and energy to the necessary needs of the Town. I believe this Council put enough unnecessary nonsense on our Town Managers plate to cause him to say no more and resign. You be the judge whether this is a good or bad thing.
Now we will be buying out his contract and paying him do nothing for the Town. Is this swimming pool a go ahead deal at any cost by Council to give the taxpayers something that you want us to have and dump money into that we don't need or want? Surely a swimming pool of any sort much less one that if built will approach or exceed 1 million dollars in cost should not even be in the mind of anyone using good sense and financial responsibility on this Council. I expect, and probably all thinking taxpayers with a sound mind need, to demand that this Council use their good sense and call for a vote at our next Council meeting to disallow any further spending, progress or discussion on building a swimming pool until such time as the Town has the financial means to build a pool of any kind.
Numerous public hearings should have been held before money was spent on this deal  (none have been held but money has already been spend for a site plan for this endeavor to the tune of $30,000.00 +). This is backward thinking by Council, implementing the pool deal and spending money before they have a public hearing. This same nonsensical procedure was used in implementing our yet to be enacted non-smoking ban policy on our beaches. What is it going to be next by this Council, will they use good sense and dump this pool deal or nonsense as the path forward by building this high dollar swimming pool that no substantial support has been sought or achieved for this endeavor? They are calling the shots but enough public input can be our order of the day if enough of us deem it that way. Speak and be heard by e-mail or other means or accept what this non-thinking Council using our money without seeking our input wants to push on us? 
What are they going to do to you if you send them e-mails showing your displeasure or support banish you from the Town or what? I am still here and still writing and sending e-mails as I see it and they haven’t banished me yet and I have also been a resident and writing letters to the editor longer than all on this Council has lived in this Town collectively. Have a good day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC