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Get Public Input Before Spending Money On Pool

Let's explore Councils proposed Aquatic Center that is in the process of being implemented without our consent. I say Council's Aquatic Center as residents are not the folks that will benefit the most from this sketchy deal if built. It looks like a done deal to me already as our money to the tune of $30,000+ and counting is already into this deal. I believe plenty of support has been sought from private enterprise folks wanting to use this pool that would not be needed if a pool were to be built that fit our needs instead of the needs of many others that are not a part of residency and taxpayers of C.B.
A simple pool built on Senior Center property Central to the Town and owned by the town would best suit residents purposes instead of a thrill and a frill of an Idiot Aquatic Center that best suits folks from other areas. The main purpose of building an Aquatic Center is not for the folks of C.B. to come swim, spend quality time with their neighbors and families, relax and enjoy the water but for others to be able to have swim meets, swim team practices, deep water aerobics, scuba diving, lifeguard training, folks from private enterprise with hotels, motels who see a way to get their property out of the swimming pool business and use their property for uses other than swimming pools for their guest.
We have people soliciting/talking to private enterprise Hotel folks to use this proposed Aquatic Center for their paying guest. How much more crazy can this get? Residents should not have to compete for pool time with private enterprise at a pool supposedly to be built for them. Use-time is scheduled time as I understand it.
Don't try showing up to swim unscheduled at an Aquatic Center as they are very different from simple swimming pools as scheduling is a must have. A majority of folks at C.B. have not expressed a desire to have the Town enter private enterprise ventures of this nature as no survey has been taken indicating such.
Council should stay away from this venture, as this is not and should not be a function of local government and its tax dollars.
With all the necessary things in our Town that must be funded, necessary land purchase for operations dept., future beach renourishment after 2013, periodic inlet dredging, funding for rock wall south of North Pier, and Council is choosing to continue on a path of building an unneeded high dollar Aquatic Center?
Who am I to complain, none other than a taxpayer and resident who chose’s to write letters to the editor and is fed up with our Council's off the wall decision making and spending.
The Master Plan's intent was to build a simple pool not an IDIOC AQUATIC CENTER for residents with our tax dollars. Has to make us wonder why the original concept of our Master Plan with little to no risk has not been not followed instead of a very risky high priced private enterprise venture with our tax dollars at stake if this deal fails.
You can bet your bippy and the bank that tax money will be the funds that will have to back this deal. Our simple inexpensive pool idea has now evolved into a revenue venture of building a million dollar +- Aquatic Center for making money. This is a risky deal the town taxpayers don't need. Once again, not one survey has been taken by this Council to seek public input for or against this deal but our past Town Manager has said the Town will seek public input at a later date (3-4 months). Later date h--- we are already into this deal now not later. I suggest this Council send out a survey form immediately (no explanation has been given as to why this was not done earlier far ahead of Council taking action and spending money).
This survey should contain "if" our residents want a pool, "if so" then do they want a simple pool built with tax dollars for resident use or a revenue source million+- dollar Aquatic Center with multi uses for use by others detached from C.B. I have heard it said  "why would Council want to put a fly in the ointment" by seeking public input early in this game that may not show public support and possibly blotch their deal when they have it the way they want it now. That being virtually uncluttered with only a few hands in the pot and with only 5 people on Council calling the shots. Those that are supportive, including Council members, of this nonsense should get together and form a private enterprise venture with their money and build themselves whatever they desire and leave our town government, property and tax dollars out of this mess and the town can go back to building what has been desired, a simple swimming pool.
 I would bet the bank that if this were a stand-alone project without Town funds, Town credit backing this very risky venture it would have major trouble achieving financing.
I have not forgotten our past Council jumping into and pumping our tax dollars into the nonsense deal of purchasing very expensive property to give to the Aquarium for a fishing pier and the taxpayers of C.B. as we speak are still stuck with a 4.4 million dollar debt.
One would think - and good sense should dictate - with this million dollar Aquatic Center deal and our Town funds being the money that in all probability will be backing this risky deal and no one on this council qualifying as a financial expert in investments, this bunch would at least have the courtesy of seeking residents input with a survey before starting this process.
Things that look like gold can quickly turn into fool’s gold in a hurry as we have already witnessed. I profess to have a second grade education and only half good sense and I apologize for complaining about this outrageous deal but this doesn’t seem like the best way for these folks to lead. They were elected to be our leaders but we don't have to follow blindly, leaders or not. Have good day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC