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It Don't Look Kosher, Fellers...

Greetings Editor       
I would certainly hope that remaining members of Council happen to read and take to heart the editorial in the 11/29 Star News concerning replacement of resigned Council members.
It seems to me that if the citizens of Carolina Beach elected the resigned members, they should have a voice in their replacement, rather than some secret, cabalistic conclave of the remaining members, which, of course, suggests the possibility of cronyism or the selection of minions to do their bidding.
In other words, it don't look Kosher, fellers.
A possible solution to the dilemma would be to consider/select the candidates with the greatest number of votes who did not win in the most recent election for Council seats.  That, at least, would reflect a significant degree of citizen input.
At the very least, Council should establish a means for input from the public.  
Presumably, the town's web site could be used.  Better yet, with most people having Internet capability/access, why not let the citizens "vote" online for the persons they prefer.  I suspect Tom Campbell could set something like this up on the town's web site that would prevent duplicate voting and not be too complicated.  
Of course, that might be a bit awkward if he were one of those receiving votes.
Terry Moore,
Carolina Beach, NC