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Draining The Carolina Beach Lake

Dear Editor;
I do not fully understand the logic about draining the lake every winter as soon as the holidays have past.
The word from the Town is that draining the lake during this time helps manage the weeds in warmer weather. The "theory" is that the cold weather somehow kills the weeds and slows the growth in the warmer days ahead. I am not convinced that this practice makes any sense. First, there are no weeds exposed when the mud appears, second, the exposure of the mud to sunlight might just as well germinate new weed seedlings as we enter spring.
Also, reality is that while it gets cooler in the January to March time period, it is not a hard freeze like in the north. Beyond this, it is difficult to see our lake creatures suffer and disappear as their natural habitat is destroyed.
This is truly the cruelest of decisions on creatures who depend on us to promote their existence.
Regards, Mark Goddard
Carolina Beach, NC
Editor's Note: There was a time when the growth was so thick you could walk on it and fish kills occurred. The maintenance plan, while unsettling at times, has prevented that scenario from reoccurring. The mechanical rake is a big help. Aeration fountains also play a big role; when they work.