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Clean Up Around The Lake

To the editor:
I have driven past Carolina Beach Park Lake for years and I never seemed to have the time to stop and enjoy it. This past Sunday, I decided that it was time to get out there and enjoy that lake and greenway. The water was beautiful and the grass was so smooth. But, it did not take long to get a really bad taste in my mouth over what I saw strewn all over the grounds near the water all the way around the lake.
I remembered back to a few weeks ago to the beautiful Christmas lights that decorate the lake every year and, I realized immediately what I was seeing. You see, our lakeside Christmas lights are physically supported using large black, plastic wire ties. If you walk along the waters edge today, you will see dozens if not hundreds of large black, plastic wire ties along side of the ducks, the children and, the dogs being walked. Apparently, the city workers who took down the lights snipped off the wire ties and then, they just threw them all on the ground at every location where there had been placed a Christmas decoration.
What was going through the minds of the city workers who were taking the lights down that they would, without a care for people or animals, leave potentially deadly plastic like that on the ground? How did they not realize that they were littering in the park that they had just been paid to beautify?
I ask that the city manager reach out to the department responsible for taking down those lights. Ask these exact same employees to go back to the lake and police up every single wire tie. Something like this is an example of an unfunny plot on an unfunny television show. Make a big deal out of doing something then trash it and move on. In our lives these days, it is just too easy to see examples of this but, we don't have to see it in our town. Not if we care and, not if we speak up about it! There is something in the world that I strive for every day in my job that is not taught nearly enough and not expected from nearly enough of our American workforce. I own my job. Everyday, whether it is picking up paper from the floor or, discovering a computer mistake that someone must fix, I own that job. I know that someone on that crew realized that leaving that debris was wrong but, no one spoke up. No one fully owned that job. Not even the foreman. Well, hear me now. Pick that up!! This is our park and this is our lake...own it.
Tony Phillips,
Carolina Beach, NC