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Many Other Unfunded Necessary Projects

Dear Editor,
Who do our elected officials represent? I have a few points for you to ponder on a few issues that have occurred in our Town recently. At the Council meeting on March 12th, a petition was presented  containing the names of approximately  300 signatures from residents protesting the Town's application for a garbage station Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to be voted on by themselves that resulted in a 4-1 vote to allow their very own CUP.
On a previous point, Council had a survey send out in 3750+- water bills + 400 sent to the Carolina Beach Elementary School asking if we want an Aquatic Center? Out of over 4,000 sent out around 900 were returned according to a presentation given to Council at a recent meeting.
Do the math - and with my 2nd grade education - 100% sent out vs.25% received back -  yet this committee with Council blessings is still working on building an Aquatic Center on land unable in size to support this pool and all of its parking on site.
Surely this Aquatic Center will not be built for the 25% of the respondents so it must be for themselves or others unknown to us. Another point our Council is well into the process of planning on spending an undisclosed amount but (big bucks yet to be announced) of our tax dollars to completely rebuild our Boardwalk to better resemble other high dollar boardwalks in a description to carry to our legislature in Raleigh to move grant money from our defunct Aquarium Pier project to our boardwalk in a deal described as a "WOW factor".
These plans are in early draft form and public record at Town Hall. I have not seen the first person beyond Council proposing to spend the money on this Boardwalk beyond what it is now  a simple boardwalk. All of a sudden your appointed Mayor announces a plan that obviously has been worked on for quite some time but has just been announced. Should our elected officials that support these two endeavors of an Aquatic Center and a tasmahall boardwalk, these two projects will cost us better than 2 million dollars and no  reliable grant exists in site, so our tax dollars are the order of the day.
Another point to ponder is the deal where Council voted to change long established zoning to allow 1 tattoo parlor owner to open and that paves the way for many others. Years spent improving the Town's image and some are convinced it will be tarnished including myself. Another point that needs pondering was Council's smoking ban that now has very little support from Raleigh.
We are going to hold a hearing in April designed to clean up Freeman Park by not allowing couches and portable toilets. You can ban couches because they are visible. How in heck are they going to ban fold up toilets that are easily hidden and folks going in tents to do their business. The crap from these toilets will still exist and be emptied into trashcans and go to COUNCIL'S new trash holding station that they just approved by 4-1 vote.  Aquatic Center, Portable Toilet Ban, Smoking Ban. Boardwalk Tasmahall way beyond what this Town can afford for its tourist trade and exposure to future forecasted major hurricanes. None of our elected officials has witnessed first hand the horrific damage that can be caused by a major hurricane at C.B. or they would be thinking about spending little to none or at the very best a minimum amount of money on our Boardwalk instead of a maximum amount.
The folks in our legislature in Raleigh will laugh this crowd out of Town when/if they propose to spend their grant money on a boardwalk exposed to major winds, tides in a major hurricane prone area. We have many necessary unfunded and undone projects for our limited tax dollars at C.B. without elected/appointed officials dreaming up unnecessary ones. I believe it is time to begin thinking about voting out your appointed Mayor and the two newly appointed members of this Council.  The other two members are in until November 2015 unless they chose to resign. Have a nice day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC