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No Animals In Circuses

Dear Editor,
Using animals in circuses is an unnecessary and inhumane policy and harmful to both the animals and the public. Human performers choose to work in circuses and exotic animals are forced to take part in the show. They are involuntary actors in a degrading, unnatural spectacle.
Elephants in the wild don't eagerly stand on their heads and tigers don't naturally jump through hoops. We must end the exploitation of "performing" animals by educating the public and key decision makers about how animals suffer in circuses and by pushing for legislation and policy changes that stop the cruel treatment to circus animals.
Circus animals are forced into lives far different from the ones nature intended. The conflict between their instincts and the harsh realities of captivity and training methods that utilize violence, fear and intimidation cause animals tremendous stress. Some animals are literally driven mad and rebel in rampages that injure and kill people.
Circuses teach our children that it's acceptable to exploit and mistreat animals for amusement. No research has shown that attending circuses increases public concern about the population status of a species or what steps are being taken to ensure its survival in the wild.
We must vote for no animal circuses to ensure the safety of the public and allow these creatures to roam free in their native habitats.
Paula Plarre,
Wilmington, NC