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Thank You From Lo Tide Run

How do you THANK so many people? That is my mission and I have more than a few to thank. Saturday , March 16, 2013 we had the 9th Annual Steve Haydu St. Patrick’s Lo Tide Run and if you were there, then you saw thousands of participants and spectators, hundreds of volunteers - you  saw  policemen, firemen, and maintenance staff from the Town of Carolina Beach. There was EMS personnel, timers and their crew, there were musicians, photographers, and still more volunteers. There were folks who built teams to participate in memory or support. There were entertainers. There was even a few future “Dancing With The Stars” candidates from Pleasure Island Dance Co. It takes every single one of them to make something like the event on Saturday happen. I am honored to be involved with so many people that would give the shirt off their back for people they might not even know. These people just know someone needs their help and they do whatever it takes to help. And what happened Saturday is phenomenal.
Together with the participants and sponsors we raised almost $70,000 dollars, monies that will go to folks that are living right here in New Hanover County. These recipients are our friends and neighbors, they are battling cancer and at the same time dealing with overwhelming financial issues that come with this dreaded disease and we (all of us) are going to help. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you for helping make this event an overwhelming success.
Scott Betz
Lo Tide Run