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Aquatic Center Questions

Mayor, Council, Others,
Concerning reports on a very confusing Council meeting on 4/9/13. concerning your proposed Aquatic Center. Reports by both TV 6 and the Star News is very confusing and disturbing to say the least concerning and online article on TV 6 attributed to Councilman Bridges and a Star News article containing quotes from your Mayor and 1 other member of Council.
Councilman Bridges stated that he is concerned about the cost, Councilman Shuttleworth states concerns about parking and I have expressed previous concerns that have gone unanswered by this committee and Council to date, such as how did this committee come up with 55% support for this deal when 4,100+ survey forms were sent to residents in water bills and to the schools and 1 member of this committee reporting at Februarys Council meeting that only 900 were returned.
These figures are apparently closer to 25% and at least some would have had to be no votes and is no where near 55% support. Surely this issue needs an explanation to tax paying residents of C.B. This committee needs to now provide accurate documentation as to the actual support of a deal that is going to cost tax payers 1.5 million + dollars if built.
Another question I asked where was all the onsite parking  for this deal which is a critical issue and was never answered by this committee or Council. Why the delay or secrecy? I do not know unless it has something to do with your Mayor stating to me on another issue "he does not answer to me"? Your Mayor states in the 4/9/13 meeting "Council is not voting on a pool but is voting to move to the next step". Mr. Mayor that was not the wording of the motion as has been reported.  Also in the same Star News article it was reported that Council Shuttleworth made a motion to approve a pool and it was voted on unanimously. My limited knowledge of government tends to lead me to think a motion to approve according to the dictionary definition of approve is a done deal if a majority votes to accept the motion which was done. Apparently a dictionary doesn’t know or we have 5 folks on Council not knowing what they voted the Town into.
We have a Mayor reportedly stating, "that we are not voting on a pool, were voting on moving to the next step". We have 1 Councilmen expressing concerns about cost and another about parking, myself concerned about parking and lack of support and 5 voting unanimously to approve Councilman Shuttleworths motion to approve a pool.
Surely any thinking person would have seen that the concerns expressed by me and themselves were met before approving anything. I don't profess to have any more than half good sense but a Harvard graduate could not make sense out of what went on with the quotes attributed to this Council in the Star News and TV 6 if they are accurate. Concerning the parking problems attributed to Councilman Shuttleworth somebody or a bunch of somebody’s are not thinking with their heads because there is not enough ON SITE parking and to build this deal and outside financing cannot occur without it. I have asked for an answer as to where all the parking is for this Aquatic center and either Council and the Aquatic Center committee with 2 Council member on board are refusing to answer my questions or this deal may be eat up in secrecy. No one would build and Aquatic Center or pool or what ever this Council and committee is calling this deal today on property not large enough to contain itself and have ALL OF ITS PARKING ON SITE. This alone should be this deals demise or find another sensible site to put this deal. If this bunch thinks that any body is going to approve a loan for this deal with not enough onsite parking they are not facing reality and living in a dream world. Borrowed off site parking isn’t going to count on parking for this deal because the only way anybody with any business sense would approve financing for a deal such as this would be for Town tax dollars to fully back the loan and it has been stated many times that this deal's revenues - not tax dollars - will make this deal pay for its self. Baloney.
This is/was (?) not the time to make this a done deal but to drop this deal and move on with issues that carry less baggage and make more sense for the Town to dump tax payer money into.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC