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Thank You To Our Wonderful And Supportive Friends

Saturday April 13, 2013 will always be one of our favorite dates.
Thank you to our amazing friends in the Got Em' On Live Bait Club and their friends. Saturday was so impressive and so humbling for our whole family. Especially Christy. We are so blessed to live in our all-time "bestest" (to quote Ava and Axl) place in the world, Pleasure Island, NC.
And to have such awesome friends that have opened up their hearts and their pocketbooks for our Christy, who is fighting that terrible disease, Leukemia AML. She wanted so badly to be here Saturday but, of course, could not but her heart and soul were here. Courtney, Ava and Axl already knew what wonderful and loving friends we have and Saturday just put the icing on the cake - so to speak.
Again, thank you just doesn't seem like enough but it is coming from our hearts. And a special thank you to the star of the party - Freddie Holland. Freddie, we always knew how talented you are but you even outdid yourself Saturday, thank you and we love you.
Our love and eternal gratitude to you all,
Wanda and Archie Tsangarides,
Kure Beach, NC