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A response to the Carolina Beach Aquatics Committee letter

Dear Editor,
As I mentioned in the last Carolina Beach Aquatics Committee meeting, I support the idea of a community pool. However, I have reservations about the financials and our city's ability to manage this new business venture. I remain confident that this investment risk and the subsequent multi-decade commitment to its operations, is best suited to a private investor.
I look forward to further educating myself on the assumptions used for the models. The public access to the data mentioned in the letter to the editor is a first for this project. I have been trying to gain access since well before the Council vote. Unfortunately, announcing the homogeneous opinion of the Committee does not raise my confidence in the scrutiny of the assumptions.
Hard to understand how it never occurred to the Committee that balance in the presentation would add credibility.
Especially when almost half the town voted against the generic pool proposition and before they fully appreciated how it may increase taxes to pay for it.
I applaud the efforts of this Committee. Your commitment to the community is obvious and dedication to this project is admirable.
I look forward to a robust debate to close out the analysis and hope that the Mayor and Council vote ultimately in the best interest of the tax payers.
Darren Alkins
Carolina Beach Full Time Resident