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Pool Is A Good Decision...

Dear Editor,
My children and I are newcomers to Carolina Beach and have completely fallen in love.  We moved here from a cabin in the woods last fall where we had all the luxuries a cabin in the woods affords, but without the luxury of community.  As much as we love all that beach life has to offer, it's the diversity of opinion and lifestyle coupled with the communal spirit made self evident in the friendly, laid back attitude that pervades here that has really won us over.  The only thing we see that's missing is more outlets to bring the year-round community together in a consistent, healthy way.
This is one of the MANY reasons that I'm an advocate of plans to build a community pool. It's been said that healthy debate reflects a healthy community, and as I watch the debate over the pool unfold, I've decided that Carolina Beach has nothing to worry about. 
It's almost endearing.  The opposition has presented valid and hard-driven arguments in recent letters to the editor, sure at every turn to compliment and even express gratitude for the hard work of those supporting the pool.  So, for this, I commend you all.
Yes, the video did reflect only those that support the pool. The committee was asked to conduct a feasibility study. A feasibility study by definition (according to the online Business Dictionary) is:  "an analysis and evaluation of a proposed project to determine if it (1) is technically feasible, (2) is feasible within the estimated cost, and (3) will be profitable.  Feasibility studies are almost always conducted where large sums are at stake.  Also called feasibility analysis."
It was said in the first "opposition" letter that "it was clear that (Duke Hagestrom) and his fellow committee members had done their homework".   So what the committee found through months of analysis was that, YES! it is totally feasible.
The video was a representation of the analysis, to support their findings further.  It represents the community's voice, the residents that play a huge role in the project's feasibility. 
The committee intended to further illustrate feasibility findings and they accomplished that, without the trickery that they're accused of in the letters.  Another good thing that came out of the video production was a flare up of healthy debate that is essential to every good decision.
And the pool IS a good decision. The funds that go into building the pool will go into building this community into something others want to be a part of. Taking care of our residents and their families is taking care of our town.
Jamie Walker,
Carolina Beach, NC