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Response To Shuttleworth Pool Letter

Dear Editor,
As disappointed as I was to see the tone of last week’s letter from Councilman Shuttelworth, I have more meaningful things to do than spar with him over old rhetoric or accusations that have long been investigated and proven meritless.
However, I do find it both unfortunate and embarrassing for our community that a sitting council member would attack any citizen over an opposing opinion on a critical town issue.
Not only did Mr. Shuttleworth’s response avoid the core concern, it was a weak attempt to shroud a personal attack as a reply to a mayoral political campaign; when Mr. Shuttleworth knows full well I have made no such announcement.
I would hope he also realizes I haven’t lost my right to an opinion just because I previously served my town.
Don’t misunderstand me, our town has a history of citizens writing less than flattering letters about elected officials, but I don’t recall another time when an elected official attempted to single-out and publically disparage a citizen for their opinion.  I think most would agree that we elect town leaders to accept citizen input, not attempt to silence us through intimidation.  Not only did Mr. Surttleworth cross a respectful line, it’s a sad statement for our town if this is his idea of representative governing.
Dan Wilcox,
Carolina Beach, NC