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Support The Carolina Beach Community Pool

Dear Editor,
I have always said that if I ever win the lottery, I will buy Carolina Beach a pool. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned about the potential pool project being discussed. Now I know the chances of me winning the lottery are slim to none but at least there is a glimmer of hope that my dream could come true without playing the odds. For me, a pool is an absolute necessity for a coastal community and would be an improvement on the overall quality of life of our residents, neighbors, and friends.
I feel very fortunate for having the opportunity to learn how to swim when I was young. Learning to swim doesn’t happen with just one lesson or two. I remember how proud I was when I graduated each level and brought home a certificate of completion each time. I still have some of those certificates! I remember the first time I was able to get into the “big pool” and how much fun I had in the summertime. Swimming opens the door to friendships, community, and leadership opportunities. Perhaps it was all of the time I spent around a pool that led me to become a lifeguard where I was able to teach kids the importance of water safety. I took those life skills with me to college and was a lifeguard at the recreation center and at the university lake. I also participated in the learn-to-swim program and taught swim lessons to kids of all ages.
My passion for the water got even stronger and I began offering private swim lessons and joined the water polo team. Eventually, I joined the masters swim team and began to swim competitively. After college I went on to become a swim coach for Wilson Parks and Recreation swim team, while still offering private swim lessons and swimming masters. It is this experience and platform that fuels my passion for a pool in our community.
To be a strong enough swimmer for the ocean and waterways takes years of practice and requires education on the different factors that swimmers can encounter in open water. We have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many by providing a positive outlet for community members, potential jobs, water safety education, continuing education for our town lifeguards, swimming lessons, swim team, and the list goes on. The only issue I see everyone agreeing to disagree on is cost. No, no one wants our town to drown in debt just to afford something that “only half of our surveyed population desires”.  I can’t help believing that by improving the overall quality of life of our community it only enhances its future, making it a more desirable and attractive place to live.. More and more people are relocating to Carolina Beach and I believe it is because this town is a great place to live. Let’s be honest, aren’t we all are just trying to live “la pura vida” (the pure life).
So why am I telling you all of this? Because it saddens me to read all of the “ping-ponging” back and forth. I have learned that many of those who aren’t in support of a pool don’t want to pay for it out of their pocket. I get that. Being a part of the Aquatics Committee I have been tasked with determining if building a pool is viable for our community. We can talk about a pool all day and hear from both sides but what it comes down to is a simple question. Does our community want a pool? If the answer is yes, then how do we make that work? That is the task given to the Aquatics Committee.
I still believe that if you build it, they will come. I would NEVER support a project that would jeopardize my fellow neighbors and friends; likewise our town. Knowing Carolina Beach is one step closer to fulfilling my dream adds one more check to one of the many reasons I love this island and am proud to call it my home. No matter which side of the debate you are on, never give up on your dreams. I know I will never give up on mine.
Christina Dees