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Council Insurance Benefits...

Dear Editor,
I attended our May 14 Council meeting and spoke to Council on an issue to remove funding for their Health and Dental Insurance from our budget for all elected officials starting July 1st. This Insurance cost C.B. taxpayers $457.27 per month for each member of Council participating and a day after I spoke a 7.9% increase in the premiums has been announced. No one on Council would put this on the agenda for action and it does not take a "Village Idiot" to figure out why they did not want to take action as action would bring unpopular publicity on them if they publicly voted to keep this insurance. In public discussion on this issue where historically only request for actions take place. After my presentation your Mayor was the only one of the five on Council who made a halfhearted attempt to justify his taking this taxpayer paid insurance. Part of the attempt was him telling our audience Council by law can set their own compensation. My response to him was we know this but there is no law stating that each/all members of Council cannot go to our Finance Directors Office and have this taxpayer paid insurance discontinued and thus they pay for it themselves.
This would accomplish doing away with this insurance temporarily. A more sensible solution would be to take this off our budget permanently because it is the right thing to do and is an unneeded and unwanted expense.
We pay our insurance. They should pay their own. As of this letter to the editor my action on this issue has not yielded any success as all are still in our pocketbooks and not their own. Come hell or high water these folks are determined/ insisting that C.B. taxpayers will pay for their Health and Dental Insurance.
My closing statement to them was discontinuing this free insurance that no other part time employee like themselves has and discontinuing this for themselves was the right thing for them to do. My next action was to tell them that now the right thing for our taxpayers to do was to clean the slate at the ballot box
I wish to make a short statement about the hype given concerning support for our Aquatic Center. The Aquatic Center committee having Council and themselves agreeing that they have 55% support for this deal when in reality they/we have 5,700 total residents and only 550+/- stating they want a pool.
Hardly 55% and much closer to 10% support. Time to dump this deal for non-support before this crowd has us build something a vast majority (90%+/-) of us don't support. Have a good evening.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC