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Discarded Cigarette Butts On Beach

Dear Editor,
We live in Raleigh but my wife (and dogs) are down here on a regular basis in a condo that we own. We absolutely love everything about the city, the people, the hospitality, the food, the view...all are wonderful. Just two hours away, and without the pretentious nature of Wrightsville Beach.
You published a recent letter from a concerned resident regarding dogs on the beach. Now, for every responsible dog owner there are several irresponsible ones, we understand that. However, before we attempt to solve the alleged "dog problem" on the lovely shore we should consider doing something about something else - discarded cigarette butts.
We love beachcombing on the shore (our beach glass collection is impressive!) however it feels like every 10 feet we find a handful of cigarette butts in the sand. For every piece of dog feces we've seen we've seen hundreds of discarded refuse from smokers. We understand that people enjoy their vices on the beach, it's the littering that harms our shore. It's important to focus on the bigger problems first before solving the smaller problems that are being blown out of proportion.
We've made the mistake of taking our dogs out during the busier season and, without doubt, there's a beach patrol there that always shows up to remind us that we messed up our dates. And yes, we're the (apparently rare) owners who actually have waste bag rolls in containers attached to the dogs' leaches. Thank you.
Cliff Bleszinski,
Raleigh, NC