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Change Current Culture Or Freeman Park May Be Taken Away

Dear Editor,
My family has owned properties in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach since 1988 and during that time have enjoyed the 4-wheel drive Freeman Park area. Over the years, we have noticed an alarming decline in our fellow beachgoers respect and care of the area. My wife, dog and I were at Freeman Park on the morning of Saturday, May 25. After a short walk, mostly spent picking up trash near and not-so-near the many blue waste containers, we made it back to the truck to move to a better spot.
The truck beside us was prepared to leave and as the men were getting in the truck, my wife asked if they were going to pick up their beer cans or should she do so. One of the gentlemen called her a “busybody” and clearly wanted to converse more. At this point, we drove away and could only hope that her words called him to action. Remembering the area, we doubt it. We have noticed a couple of other unpleasant trends. Many people, on a nice walk with their dog, are shockingly unprepared to take care of the gift their pet leaves and a large number of smokers have misinterpreted the sand for their personal ashtray. My hope is that our beach loving neighbors, through their words and deeds, can help us change the current culture or many of the rights and privileges we love about Freeman Park will be taken away.
Paul Bradley
Charlotte, NC