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Thank You

Dear friends, I know I have said this to you all but I wanted the whole island to know how much I love and appreciate all the kindness you have shown Tyne and I in the past year. As difficult as this has been for us, I know each of you have had your own hardships and burdens to bare, but it never stopped any of you…never stopped you from taking care of my child, feeding us, keeping our home together, helping us try to keep a normal life and I will keep that in my heart always. There aren’t any words to say this so
Thank you… thank you all so much.
Shannon Musselwhite,
Carolina Beach, NC
The Islander
I've never been an islander
Although it seems to me
I've never had a finer home
Than my cottage by the sea
And finer friends, I have to say
I could search til old and gray
Yet never know a kinder lot
Than my island family
Days have past and years gone by
Still even now, I linger
How could some one want for more
Paradise is at your fingers
Some may say its the ocean wind
The sea The sun The sand
But in my heart, I will always know
Its because, here, I have friends
Friends who have kept me long
And kept me strong
When all else seemed abandoned
Who kept me keeled and steadied on
Never to be stranded
When I think of home
I think of you
And my cottage by the sea
So always know, you are in my heart
No matter where we be
s.m.musselwhite 5/28/13