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Flawed Pool Survey

The following is in part an email between the Mayor and myself concerning the Aquatic Center survey and Councils nonsensical moving ahead on building this pool before significant issues are cleared up. In the Mayors  email to me of 5/29/13 he made comments of which follows: He states that this pool deal is still in the evaluation stages and goes on to say he is going to talk to a couple members of the community pool committee who are not 100% sold on the project to understand their concerns and would like them to come to Council to speak on this matter. He also states he is going to speak to the Senior center in the near future and Town Hall employees, going to ask the Island Gazette to run another survey, and ask the Council to survey the general public. And in another comment from him "unlike former Council representatives he is not going to move forward without data, public input and additional information". Well so much on the nonsense of saying he is not going to move ahead on the pool. The 5-0 vote to spend another $21,000 made on 5/14/13 plus the original $30,000 to start this effort totals $51,000+ toward this endeavor and only a none thinking narrow minded person could conclude that this deal is not being moved ahead - and at a fast pace at that - and debunks the nonsense of this deal not being moved ahead. I have previously sent your Mayor and Council additional information that should have already been looked at and questions answered before more money and progress to move this pool ahead took place.
Silence has now reared its head and tried to stop or upset the following flow of information: I have three analysis sheets concerning the pool survey results and one email that this Mayor and his Council have been notified that should have already been addressed to us on this pool issue. The contents are as follows: 516 folks are in favor of a pool 416 folks do not favor a pool and 21 are "maybe" or "undecided". If you add 516+416+21 this equals 953 total ballot results. The email I have from a committee member that in order to have an accurate survey they would need 1,056 votes which he states is "about" what they got. Now what is confusing and nonsense is the silence of Council members and this pool committees unwillingness to addressed "is if you subtract the analysis findings of 953 votes for and against from the "about" what a committee member states is about what they got, you are left with 103 unaccounted for votes".
The question that now must and should have already been answered before the vote of spending another $21,000 at our May 14, 2013 Council meeting by a 5-0 vote is where are the 103 unaccounted  votes/ballots and what are their results and why is the moving ahead with this deal taking place with vital to the process unanswered questions on the horizon. Our Council members who are the sponsors of this pool committee and this survey apparently view silence as answers and prefer to use silence as answers. I asked the chairman of the pool committee to send his findings about the unaccounted 103 votes to the readers of the Gazette, his committee and Council all of which apparently has not been done as of this letter sent to the editor on 5/30/13. Council also has two members of their Council on this committee and at least one does not have this answer.
On a different concern/note please do not think I have abandoned my quest to have all funding removed from C.B.s budget that allows this Council to have free Health and Dental insurance that cost us taxpayers $457.27 per month for each member participating + a 7.9 % increase in these premiums beginning July1st. This taxpayer paid Insurance given to themselves by themselves is nonsense and a drain on our pocketbooks. This issue is fully out of the box and still alive as I intend to speak to Council again at their June 11th Council meeting in public discussion on this subject. I may and others may need to speak a third and forth time or longer until results are obtained and this crowd starts paying for their own insurance or are voted out of office. Have a good evening.
D.A. Lewis
Carolina Beach, NC